Green, green its green they say..

Last Sunday I woke to sunny beautiful weather, but that wasn't enough for me. I checked the tree outside our bedroom window and noticed that it remained completely barren and brown. When I calculated how long it had been since it had leaves, I came up with six months. SIX MONTHS PEOPLE. That means for half of my life in this forsaken place I exist sans signs of life on trees. No photosynthesis taking place, no green. NO GOOD. We really must move. I think it is a shameful waste of one's life, and possibly a sin, to spend half of it living in a state of greenlessness when there are so many beautiful places in the world. Three months, I can handle, 'tis the natural order of things after all. A season for all things. Alright. This is Biblical. Fine. But six? No. Wrong. Cruel. Unusual. Not Good.

To be fair, the last few days I have noticed this happening out of my kitchen window:

And there is this happening along my front path:

Which look like this when picked by children on their way in from school:

But I am still waiting for signs of spring outside my bedroom window, and the counter continues to tick until then. I have the sort of grim satisfaction that I imagine perverse people who enjoy bad news have, every time I open my bedroom curtains to see it remain leaf-less. We are in something of a stand off that tree and I. A sort of homo-sapiens/botanical staring contest.

Yesterday was a bad day and I think today needs to be a good one, so I will stop whinging (as we say in SA-a term my husband has picked up with great relish), and tell you a few things which make me happy.

Some of the things which make me happy. By Kirsty, aged 32 and quite a few days.

1.When Gracie is late for school (this may happen on occasion), Benj's class is coming in from recess. Instead of rushing inside so that she does not get a tardy, she stands at the door and waits for the long line of 4th graders to come by (since as you know Benj takes moral pride in being last) and then he breaks out of line and runs over to her and they give each other a big hug, right in front of all his tough guy friends. I think this is seriously the sweetest thing as I watch from the car like a stalker.

2.I have gone for 3 runs outside this week, and today I will be going on another.

3. It is FRIDAY of course. I love Friday, it holds so much possibility and promise. In fact the anticipation of the weekend is very often better then the weekend itself.

4.I just discovered that we have nothing scheduled for tomorrow! Which means we have a few days reprieve from the time when we sign our lives over to soccer and nothing but soccer. Hooray!

5. Finny's absolutely perfectly beautiful baby face sleeping next to me when I wake up every morning. And his warm soft cheek to kiss when he wakes up.

I also like that my littlest kids climb in bed with me in the morning. I usually have to get up long before they do though. It is so sweet to hear them breathing in unison. (Gracie's sleeping face is absolutely perfect and angelic too, I just don't see it right next to mine as often ;) I will be sad when no-one wants to snuggle with me in the mornings anymore. Well apart from Aaron, but that's different.

6.Gabe doing the most ridiculous things to make Finny smile when he is sad. Yesterday he put a chair on his head and let me put Finny on the chair which made him laugh. I am sure Gabe was in some discomfort to say the least, but he lives to make his little brother happy.

7.When my girls at church say, "Sister Sayer we just love you!" 'Cos I love them too.

8. Shoes. Cliched, but I'm sorry but they do. I am wearing this pair today:
(and yes, I did just stick my white leg out and take a blurry picture of my shoe as I sit here typing this to you, and yes I am aware that there is something troubling about that). I have been waiting for warm weather to break these out since I bought them on clearance and I find them enjoyable. I have a friend at church who is keeping a count on the number of pairs of shoes I have. Really, it is NOT that many-did I mention my house is the size of a shoebox? ONE shoebox? And my closet is the size of a matchbox, so an Imelda Marcus-esque collection would be impossible, but she claims to never see the same pair twice. I wish ;)

9.Fresh blueberries on my cereal every morning. Ohhhh yummy. They are expensive but totally worth it because they are so good for you. (This is what I tell myself as I stand in the produce section agonizing over paying my mortgage versus buying my blueberries-have I mentioned how much it bothers me that fruit is so expensive here? Even when you live right where it is grown!)

10. My kids totally engrossed in a project or adventure together.When they get together they are oblivious to everything else. I often find a show they really wanted to see, playing to no audience, and hear them running around together upstairs or outside alternatively whispering as they plot together and then shrieking with joy and thrill. They are so lucky to have each other.

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nyn said...

I love your shoes and cute toes!! This was a great post. I wish the cold would go away. Everything is blooming and turning green but tonight we are told to cover every thing because the pending frost and possible snow. ARRRRGGGHH! maybe I need to do a happy list.