Ghoulishly Great Halloween Birthday Bash...

I forgot to take pictures of mine, but I copied these invitations from this clever lady

Setting the scene...our hunchback butler lights the wax lumanaries

This is the most macabre thing I have ever had in my home. I just did not think a cute jack o lantern would cut it with this crowd. Within 20 minutes the water had been spilled enough to short circuit the poor skull. He seems to have recovered now that he is dried out and is resting comfortably.

The Monster (cup!)Cake

I love how it appears to be eyeing the skulls with such trepidation here

Benjamin was a Vampire

Gabe was a bat. Here he is before his first of three parties that day. He has a swinging social life for a bat.

After a break-the-ice game where they had to find a partner by guessing who they were (they had labels on their back and could only ask and answer yes or no questions). There was Scare/Crow..Vampire/Blood....etc

We had a rousing game of...Zombie tag. (Marco Polo with a twist)

Then a little donut eating contest in my living room. (Which is why you will see the vacuum cleaner in subsequent photos)

Time for some pumpkin bowling

Then we turned out all the lights, and equipped everyone with a glow stick (glow stick figure was at a distinct advantage) to play an adaptation of my favourite game as a child, Sardines. We called it Skeleton in the closet. One kid (the skeleton) hides and is quietly joined by more and more people. The idea is not to let on when you have found the skeleton so you can join him quietly when everyone else has left and you don't have to spend too much time being squished in a small space like this

or this

It looked pleasantly eerie as they all wandered around in silence

After some sustenance...

It was time for a visit to...

They were blindfolded and sent into a room where there was some very creepy music and sounds. Then they heard a hideous voice telling them that if they could identify some body parts by feeling them, they could be the Professor's apprentice, and come back after midnight to make a CREATURE. They all agreed to this, half horrified, half thrilled. They touched ears (dried apricots), eyes (olives), a tongue (banana peel with olive oil on it..eeuw), brains (spaghetti) and even a heart (half of a tomato). Then their blind-folds were removed and they saw this face sans Finny) in the creepy glow of the lab.

Finny did not know who was holding him in this picture.

Most of them were sufficiently freaked/grossed out by this time and as they beat a hasty retreat but not before this creature lunged out at them from the closet, calling their name...

In this particular photo, Finny and Gracie have just stopped screaming for all they are worth. It was like the scene from ET when Drew Barrymore and ET meet each other. And this was just from the sight of Prof. McManiac. We skipped the touchy feely box of horrors and I gestured to the Creature to remain in the closet for this visit. I wanted us all to sleep again sometime this year. The brave boys who entered with quite a swagger were literally tripping over themselves as they ran screaming out of the door. We appreciate the Creature for staying up late enough to give our party that little extra horror. We hope his basketball game the next day did not suffer for it.

By this point, everyone was so emotionally and physically exhausted (it was 10pm) that we thought watching a movie would be appropriate. The Nightmare Before Christmas was a hit.

Mid way through we presented the monster all aflame

we sang and watched as a bat and a vampire made some birthday plus 3 months wishes.

It was a MADHOUSE but it was awesome. Four hours flew by even though the weather prohibited us from going outside as planned. We are considering putting off their birthday party for a few months again next year.

Things borrowed from Tiffany for this party:
Decorations, bowls, cookie sheets, husband.

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april kennedy said...

Well....yet another thing to add to your "I am good at...list!" Great party. What a party planner you are!

Koala Green said...

That looked like to much fun. I'm sure all the guests had a great time. I know the creature from the closet came home with a smile on his face. It must be because he found some minions to scare.

Kim said...

Looks like so much fun!

nyn said...

WOW!! You are the best Mom ever!! This looks like so much work and even more fun!! I am only sad we couldn't see it in person. I love it!!

Janet said...

Awesome party, Cool Mama! Well done!

Samantha said...

WOW! I am very impressed. It looks like it was quite the party--lots of cool activities and food. And I'm also very impressed by the photography... the spirits on the staircase are particularly awesome, and I also really like the one where the wax luminaries are being lit.

Anonymous said...

Well, you have set yourself up for a fall! You will NEVER be able to cap this one! Well, well done. It looked like the party to end all parties. Glad ANY of them slept! Looked VERY creepy to me. How did you do all that?
Love you lots,


Jessica said...

Holy cow, Kirsty! Next year will you guide me in my halloween party planning?! What a FANTASTIC party!