All About Me

Hi! You have stumbled upon the blog of me, Kirsty. Welcome! Sit down, get comfy. Can I get you some chocolate? Since this is a page About Me here are...

10 86 (and counting) things about me:
  1. I'm 33. My birthday rocked this year.
  2. I'm LDS
  3. But I have no sister wives
  4. Also I don't can stuff
  5. Also I don't sew
  6. My husband makes dinner
  7. My blog is called Momedy because I don't think there is any job more replete with fodder for humour then motherhood.
  8. Which is not to say I don't whine about it with regularity.
  9. I was born and raised in South Africa and Swaziland
  10. I am one of 5 children
  11. I went to an amazing high-school with people like Nelson Mandela's grandson. It made me think.
  12. Then I moved to Idaho.
  13. I froze
  14. I (re)met my husband
  15. We got engaged after 3 weeks
  16. And got married within 5 months
  17. He is a saint (he'd have to be)
  18. I struggled with depression
  19. We went to college.
  20. We had a beautiful boy, Benjamin (he's now 10)
  21. We were ecstatic
  22. Then we moved to California
  23. The sunshine was awesome
  24. We had a beautiful boy, Gabe (he's now 8)
  25. We changed a diaper or two
  26. My husband lost his job
  27. It took him 9 months to find a new one
  28. We learned a lot in that time. It was mostly a good experience. Our church took care of us.
  29. Then we had a beautiful girl, Gracie (she's now 7)
  30. Then we moved to Ohio. The weather sucked
  31. So I cried. A lot
  32. Then we had a beautiful boy. We call him Finny (but his name is Jonathan)
  33. More crying (this time 'cos of PPD)
  34. Then I got on drugs and stopped crying (yeah for the drugs!!!)
  35. But when the sun did not shine I was SAD.
  36. So I got one of these
  37. And then I was happy. (Yeah for this!)
  38. I am a fan of alliteration
  39. I write poems for my family members on their birthdays. (I say poem in the loosest sense of the word.
  40. I am never going to to be a good runner, but I keep doing it 'cos occasionally you have a good run and that is awesome. And being fit makes life more fun (Also, it keeps you skinny, but I'm not shallow like that. At all.
  41. I have run some 1/2 marathons. Sometimes I think I'd like to run a full one. But then I run a few miles and think not. This Summer I ran a 1/2 marathon with my 11 year old son. You can read about here. Isn't he amazing?
  42. I am interested in fitness in general. You should join me for a MOMEDY THROWDOWN starting 1-1-2010. You should! You know you should. It's going to be fun.
  43. I lost 40lbs in less then 3 months. I have kept it off for 3 years. Here is how.
  44. I am a medical idiot savant. Try me, I will diagnose you.
  45. I have taught post-partum/pre-natal fitness classes, I will again as soon as life slows down..
  46. I do some personal training. People refer to me as Gillian but I think I'm much nicer. (And not nearly as ripped)
  47. I have a weird health condition that is well under control now but sometimes it makes people think I have Parkinsons because sometimes I shake a lot.
  48. My kids are best friends and really sweet to each other for the most part. (It's the great joy of my life)
  49. My husband is my best friend
  50. My husband is the nicest person I know. He is the nicest person most people know.
  51. I am freakishly well disciplined in some ways and terribly undisciplined in others.
  52. I like chocolate (because I'm weird but not that weird)
  53. I work with the girls in our Church between the ages of 12-18. I love them dearly but it also explains the prematurely grey hair.
  54. I have prematurely grey hair.
  55. I dye it
  56. I love comments on my blog, 'cos I am needy.
  57. Some of my closest friends were met on the internet
  58. I love to write.
  59. I write here and here too
  60. My older sister Shona lives in Australia
  61. My little sister Thalia recently moved there too
  62. I am very jealous of them both
  63. My brother Seth just got married and lives in South Africa with his American wife.
  64. That is messed dontcha think? I say she and I swap places. Although that leaves our husbands and my kids...hmmm
  65. I miss South Africa and my family very much. I hope one day we will all live closer
  66. I don't get to go back often
  67. Some people think I swear all the time but the things I say are not swear words in South African so I keep saying them
  68. Those things are hell and damn and bloody. Dammit to bloody hell
  69. All 4 of my kids play soccer. This means during soccer season I have no other life
  70. I volunteer at my kids school a lot. I try not to embarrass my kids though. I fail.
  71. I am a sub teacher at my kids' school. 1st graders no longer frighten me. Nor 6th graders.
  72. I have perfected a really terrifying stare that makes children quiver.
  73. Children tend to do as I say.
  74. When I am an old lady they will dare each other to knock on my front door
  75. I am a birth doula.
  76. I love babies
  77. I love motivating people, especially women. I think their potential is marvelous.
  78. I love public speaking. It does not scare me a bit.
  79. I am afraid to fly but I don't let it stop me (it sucks for the people sitting next to me though)
  80. I am afraid to drive on the highway and I do let it stop me (I am convinced I will kill someone attempting to merge). I often shriek when driving with others as they attempt to merge. They love it.
  81. I had 2 almost identical accidents while I was learning how to drive. Which explains the above fears. That and my general insanity
  82. I have a degree in Organizational Management (major in Marketing)
  83. I hope to get my Masters in Psychology one day
  84. I struggle with OCD tendencies.
  85. My four year old wants to marry me. I have no objections. We are looking into the feasibility of this. He is extremely good for my ego.
86. We have a crazy bunny. Although we think she might be part dog. She roams the house freely and is potty-trained. At times we take her for a walk with a leash. It's as weird as it seems. At one time she wanted to kill my husband. At one time she almost did kill me. But now she has mellowed out considerably and we love and adore her.

87. My feet are always cold. Always.