36 (of the 10000's of things) I love about Aaron

1. To be happy he only needs those he loves to be happy and he works hard to make them that way, so he is almost always happy.

2. He cooks more often then I do

3. He cleans with a smile

4. He never holds a grudge and he doesn't keep score.

5. He is my rock. Always.

6. He is a devoted, gentle, loving and fun daddy

7. He has no enemies. I have had so many people tell me that he is the nicest person they have ever met. I must agree.

8. He is a brilliant scientist but you would never know it.

9. He makes me laugh every day.

10. He gets me.

11. He loves my family and puts up with any drama when we get together.

12. He has never acted distant toward me, even if we have just had an argument.

13. His faith is quiet and completely solid.

14. He genuinely likes people and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.

15. He is good to my friends and loves them as I do.

16. He is a good provider for our family.

17. He sacrifices without being a martyr

18. He has a great work ethic and integrity.

19. He is generous to a fault and never complains if I give more then we can afford to.

20. He is sleep deprived from staying up late to hang with me and getting up early so he can be with us all earlier in the evening, but he never whines about it.

21. He thanks me for things I didn't even realize I did.

22. He is my greatest fan.

23. He sees my dark side (pretty regularly) and loves me despite it.

24. He recounts cute stories about the kids with just the right intonations and imitation.

25. He respects my decision and desire to stay home with my kids and considers my contribution equal to his.

26. He does not understand the concept of "women's work".

27. He never takes out his stress on anyone else.

28. He does not sweat the small stuff.

29. He looks for reasons to celebrate.

30. He laughs a lot

31. He is genuinely humble

32. He can fix things.

33. He will work tirelessly to find a solution to a problem I have long since given up on, and gone to bed in despair over. And he almost always does.

34. He does not have to be right, and he has no interest in getting the credit.

35. He is romantic and brings me flowers for no reason.

36. He makes me know every single day that I am as loved by him and as beautiful to him as I was the day we got married.

Happy birthday Pooh! I love you!

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Aunt LoLo said...

What a beautiful, beautiful birthday tribute!

And a many happy returns to your fabulous hubby!!

Denise said...

Your husband is one Fantastic Guy, if I hadn't met him, I'd think you were exaggerating. Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

Samantha said...

Wow, if I were into cloning humans, I might think we had a candidate! That is a lovely tribute indeed.

Anonymous said...

He is a truly wonderful husband and father, and if I had any criticism of him it would be that he spoils my daughter too much, but as a mom, who would complain about that? He is a GREAT son-in-law, and all she says about him is true. Happy Brithday again Pooh. Love, Marmie.