Surviving big white floors and OCD tendencies..

So I may have mentioned the fact that I have a big white kitchen floor. And four kids. Which two elements kind of make for the perfect storm of OCD induced meltdowns. Thus I have spent much energy in researching and perfecting the easiest/most effective floor cleaning methods in order to keep my family together.

We have been over (and over) my devotion to this product. But wait! There's more!

(First can I say that I'm just so sorry for those of you who have not yet experienced the wonder and joy of this device. My heart really just bleeds for you. I hope the scales will soon fall from your eyes and you will do whatever it takes to procure one, because your life will never be the same. In a good way) But wait! It gets better!

In the interests of full disclosure I have mentioned that although this product is magical and marvelous, once the steam dries it often leaves a little pile of dusty residue where you did not sweep quite well enough (it's almost impossible to pick it all up prior to steaming because the Shark ferrets out dirt that you can't even see. It's Just That Good) . In the past I have dragged the ugly little dustpan and broom out and whisked it away, or in my less environmentally friendly moments, grabbed a paper towel.

This usually left less then OCD-approved perfect results and I had to take a few more swipes. But then! I went to a garage sale. Garage sales, may I just add at this juncture, have yielded me some of my most golden finds, and I believe that everyone should attend at least one each summer. It's good for the soul. ANYWAY, for 3 bucks I picked up this little baby.

And my life was changed, once again. I was complete. No more dustpan and broom necessary, no more paper towels. Just steam steam swoosh and the whoosh with the dustbuster and..perfection. For approximately 3.4 seconds.

My shark steam mop and my garage sale dustbuster make the most diabolical little dirt destroying duo and I am very happy. If I ever have a dirty kitchen floor now, you can just blame it on the fact that my laziness has overcome my OCD-ness because really there is no other excuse. None.

I do hope this is the last entry regarding my kitchen floor because I think it may have got a bit disturbing and sad a few posts ago already.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I will just have to find the closest South African facsimile because I will soon have many, many acres of cream tiles. Give me more details.

Love you lots,


nyn said...

LOL!! This is why I love you so much. You are truly like me in this way. We OCDs must stick together.

April Kennedy said...

Kirsty....It's me..April Kennedy from Napa! So glad I found your blog (by the is the cutest EVER!) I want your designer for your banner...I am madly in love with birds right now..which is going to be my next post! I found a darling little key chain. Your family is beautiful both inside and out...miss you and Amanda dearly. I have coached three births this year..but no doula certif yet! My blog is Do you mind if I stalk you and add you to my sidebar? Love to you!

Lindsay said...

Bless you! This is going on my wish list - I have to find something for my super white dirt/stain magnet floor! This has to be better than me scooting around on my knees and bottom with a towel, bucket and Mr Clean eraser!

FrazzMom said...

OMG- I posted about my Shark steam mop for WFMW today too! LOL- I PROMISE I hadn't read your post yet :-)

Amz said...

So how does this magical device work? It steams...I gather that, but as it is steaming, does it not just push all the dirt around? Do you rinse? How does it eliminate the grime? Please enlighten me! I am looking for a different solution for my floor!

Tara said...

I purchased a steam mop a few months back and I really love it. I have a huge white floor area in my kitchen. I also use a dust buster I detest DUST PANS lol

Thanks for the post!

Kirsty said...

Here's how it works:
There is a little canister at the back that you fill with water, it heats up almost instantly and then it comes whooshing out the bottom of the mop. At the bottom there is a THICK WASHABLE (whoohooo!) textured pad, sort of like the swiffer concept but much, much thicker and more absorbent. It wipes up/absorbs all the dirt just as a regular mop would but much better. Sterile! No chemicals! No bucket! Washable pad! Light as a feather!
I heart this thing :)

Jennifer said...


I am so glad I looked back at the poll yesterday. I saw one of these babies at the store yesterday and fell in love with the idea! But said to James I must check out some reviews on this device as it is a little spendy. I am so glad to see how much you like it(ps a little hand held vac had been on my wish list too) We have wood in the kitchen/dining area and that horrid white tile in the hallway and bathrooms downstairs. I hate regular mopping because it never seems to do the trick, always feel like the hands and knees scrubbing does better but who has time for that with all the kids! Anyway thank you thank you thank you for your review. Now to find a good deal for our new cleaning machine:)