Iron Women and such...

How are things? Things are somewhat busy here. Shocking, I know. But fun busy. Busy doing fun things for the most part. I love this time of year-lots of time spent with family and friends, lots of opportunities to be creative, spontaneous and generous. It's just a feel good time.

Unfortunately the un-fun things like laundry and cleaning remain, boring and steadfast and ever growing no matter how much I try to ignore them.

And then they grow and they grow, and that does not make me feel good. It does not make me feel good like a good mommy should. Why
can't these things take a holiday now and then? When will the clothes fold themselves? Never, that's when. (Sorry fresh from reading Dr. Seuss.)

Sometimes I start to feel a tad resentful about having to clean what was just cleaned, organize what was just organized, feed what was just fed. But then I am inevitably ashamed of myself when I remember that:

a) my job has amazing perks, and there are lots of people who would love to have it. As I've said before, time is money. (Not to mention I have lots of help from my sweet husband doing it.)

b) all that keeps me from doing my chores is laziness, and there are people out there who would give anything to be able to do what I procrastinate doing, if only their bodies would let them. And others who overcome great pain and physical obstacles to do what I moan about doing perfectly painlessly.

*Image: Nie-nie dialogues

If you have not been following the story of Stephanie Nielson, I hope your cave has been cozy. Here's her story. A very well written 2-part article which is absolutely worth the read. (You can go now, but do come back because I have something you need to vote on at the end of this.)

If ever there was a person with a million valid excuses not to do housework, to be irritable with her children, not to exercise, to feel sorry for themselves, it is her. But excuses wont give her the life she wants to live, so she has no time for them. I so admire people who embrace the circumstances they have been given, and adapt their attitude and the things they do have control over in order to create a life that they love. These are my heroes.

Next time I inwardly groan about putting away a pile of laundry I will remember how blessed I am that my fingers bend without pain. Next time I feel like I'm too tired to exercise, I will remember the blood on the yoga mat, next time I feel as if my job is drudgery I will remember the enormous luxury and blessing it is to be able to be here to take care of my family.

In other news but keeping with the "can-do" theme. I have become mildly to moderately obsessed over the Community Center fitness Throw-Down. It consists of various activities (push-ups, pull-ups, mile run, sprints, wall-sits etc etc) . The idea is to take up the gauntlet, do some or all of these things, be timed and get the best time. You then get the huge and glorious glory of having your name and time written whereupon it is velcroed on...dun.dun..dun... The Leader Board.

{Reverent pause for contemplation}

Competition freaks me out and I do not perform well under pressure, yet I am compelled to participate. It is a horrible combination of traits. However I have found that it has stepped up my training intensity to have a real goal and a sense of urgency in completing it. I hate it! And this is a good thing.

Yesterday I completed The Circuit (1 mile bike, 2o push-ups, 3o bench dips, 200m sprint and 60 sit-ups) in enough time to take my rightful place on the leader-board for what will no doubt be a brief reign of glory. I am now obsessed with defending my recently overthrown "wall-sit" record. It was overthrown by 30 seconds. (Do you know how brutal that is?? I now have to squat against a wall for 3 minutes. I can drink a cup of tea in that length of time.) I am also determined to beat the cute little Pilates instructor's record for "the plank. But nobody tell her. I need her to be unsuspecting if I am to stand a chance.

I know. It's a disease. It is. Oh! I can't believe I almost forgot! Did you know that I am the community center pull-up record holder??? I am! With...wait for it....... ONE WHOLE PULL-UP. Applause please. Thank you, thank you very much. I guess I have intimidated everyone else too much to try to beat me.

Anyway apart from taking the opportunity to brag about my superior (to really old people and pregnant women) athletic pursuits, I was thinking of instituting a Momedy Throw Down of sorts here. With more then just bragging rights. With prizes. Real prizes. Non-chocolate prizes, but prizes all the same.

Now of course since I can't be there to time you with a stop-watch and check your form, we'd have to rely on the honour system. But y'all seem like the honest sort so I don't think this would be a problem. Is this something anyone would be interested in? Rock hard abs for the new year/decade anyone? Thighs of steel? Michelle Obama arms? Bragging rights? Prizes? I say yes please! Let me know if you want me to pull something together. I think it could be big fun. Yes? No? Maybe so? Let me know! In the comments below! Yo!

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{april kennedy} said...

Yes Please! Just what I need. I would love to participate in a throw-down!

Eden said...

First - I too try to cure myself of self-impossed self pity by thinking of Stephanie Neilsen's trials - she is one amazing woman.

Second - I am very interested in firmer body parts (having just past a major age milestone it aint gonna get any easier from here!)however I am not so much a competition person and would not post impressive or inspiring times/numbers. If I was able to stick with it I might improve on my own numbers which would be gratifying. So, "maybe so"

Jennifer said...

ok, ok you must know the mirror is not my friend. I am so not happy with the site I see. I could use more motivation to get fit though, apparently flab isn't enough so having somewhere to check in and say I sweated today might be good for me.

btw have you seen the insanity videos? they so make me want to work out, alas not in the budget right now. But if I get serious about working then I may have to try them out..we'll have to see how serious my will is. I mean, let's kick butt!

Connie said...

Okay, I'm up for a throw down....nothing motivates me more than a I've been training with an insane trainer for awhile and would love to see where I'm at!! My challenge for this session was to do 15 pullups. I was up 14 last week so I think I'll get there tomorrow with the class rooting me on!!
(shea413 from the July playgroup)

~ Keara said...

OK, I'm more than a little intimidated by the idea of a throw-down. Somehow, in my mind, I don't think there's a category I have a chance of winning, unless there's a "couch sit". I've wanted to start running for ages but fear tearing up my feet and knees because I can't afford decent shoes.

And all these excuses...while I watch Stephanie struggle to live life with joy and gratitude. Something is seriously wrong with my perspective, eh?

Stef said...

Ok Ok count me in...just hound me would you!!! I need someone to push me. I want to tone up so bad but that little evil in me keeps detouring me somehow LOL. Also I NEEEEED to tone up....I only have 178 days left before I leave for Jamaica. So pressure is definately on. Im looking for a bit of good motivation!!!!!

Missy said...

I'm getting to the point I'm going to have to do SOMETHING. I've already bought larger jeans to fit and they are now getting tight. I just wish I was more competitive. I'm really horrible with follow through. Will part of your training include you coming here to kick me? Or the very least give me a stern typing too?

nyn said...

Sign me up. And let me know what to do in order to keep track. You rock!

Mommy Dear said...

I'm so in!! I need the motivation! Such a great idea!!!

Michelle (LadyeJayne) said...

Put me in, Coach! The more things there are with no equipment required, the more I'll be able to do. I certainly have a wall handy to practice that wall-sit.

Brenda said...

I'm totally in!

Tooj said...

Aaahhh, not fair. I was JUST getting back into the exercise groove when I got bugged down with child. How sad. I'd love to get back into sprinting for fun...for the burn of the thighs and the pretense that I have speed. Enjoy your throw-down. I'm sitting here jealous and patiently waiting to start feeling baby move.

Amy said...

Here for your SITS party. Loving it.

I am so down for a throw-down. Count me in!

Working Mommy said...

Thank you so much for putting things into perspective!! All too often we forget that even being ABLE to do things is a blessing - not a curse (sometimes)!


alaJoAnn said...

Please, please motivate us with a fun Throw-Down. May I suggest finger-stretches and eyeball rotations? Both are excellent warm-ups for active bloggers.