THANK YOU so much for your participation in my non-sucky birthday sweepstakes. I have absolutely LOVED reading your resolutions and it makes me super happy to know all the wonderful things that will be happening in the world today. Sniff. I am blessed to have you all in my life. PSSST....If anyone did not get their resolution in yet, I would like to mention that my aging eyes probably missed that and I bet you'd still have time to sneak something in :)
Thank you again! The sun is shining! xox

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Stef said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Kirsty!!!! Hope your day is filled with tons of love and laughter.

Take a look at what I posted in your honor!!!!

Happy Birthday!!! Huge Hugs, Stef

Tooj said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! (this is right, right? today - birthday - the reason for the resolutions?)


Mommy Dear said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with lotsa sunshine, laughter, chocolate, and kisses...

nyn said...

Have a wonderful b-day!! Love you. And I did "sneak" in my entry although more just so you would know how grateful I am that you had such a thoughtful idea than to get something in return ;). xoxo

{april kennedy} said...

I'm checking back in with you...first to wish you a happy birthday, and second to let you know that hubby actually had the nerve to come home today at 10:00 am right in the middle of my "blogging time" and I got up happily, kissed his right on the mouth, and prepared an estimate for him instead of making him do it himself.

And wouldn't you know...Blake ATE all his lunch at 12 today and then went to a friend's house...I promise I would have been nice though if I had to make a second sandwich 26 mintues ago!

Hope you day is great! Oh...and I will show my handmade cards I made for my family on V-Day!

Aunt LoLo said...

Is this where we post our results? I promised to not snap at my daughter...and I really don't know how I did. :-p I never YELLED...does that count? Two year olds are BOUND to need reprimanding, but I tried to be more objective today, and I took a lot of deep breaths...and went to my happy place. (Somehow, I just realized TODAY that with an 8 week old, and a two year old...I have TWO BABIES! Why didn't anyone tell me SOONER my two year old wasn't a big girl? LOL)

Missy said...

Kirsty, I'm alive!

I'm not sure where you want this but for your birthday I:

Got up early so I could get to Zumba.

I ate a healthy (at least healthier than normal) breakfast of a Kashi granola bar. I just couldn't bring myself around to eating the twigs.

I FINALLY MADE IT TO ZUMBA! I shook it, I popped it, I spun in a circle and looked like a fool but I MADE it and I had FUN (go figure) I just wish I could convince someone to go with me. It's always more fun to look silly with a friend . BTW I'm highly uncoordinated

I ate a healthy lunch at Subway.

I clean out my half of the bathroom vanity. I threw away two plastic shopping bags of old make-up, fingernail polish, half empty hair products ect.

And I ate a healthy dinner of grilled steak, baked sweet potato, and broccoli.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Jennknow said...

I had a POSITIVE attitude about skiing and Alaina LOVED it so much AND she was really really good for her 1st time.

Greg was too sick to go, however in the long run that may be of benefit. I would love to find a sport that Alaina is better at than Greg, so she can give HIM pointers!

I was cold and bored and miserable, however I did NOT let Alaina know that and she was FAB!

Happy Birthday!

Carly said...

I volunteered in the classroom for 2 hours and now have 5 boys here for the joint sleepover as promised.

Happy birthday!

Kim said...

I have 4 more bags for the Goodwill, I didn't get to deliver them today because I ran out of time but I will do it tomorrow. I didn't yell at my kids but I did yell at dh once for being a I guess I semi-failed at that challenge. I also did not finish the newborn hat because when I finally sat down at 8:30 tonight, I fell asleep and woke up about 10:00 pm and now don't feel like doing it because I want to go to sleep!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and many people did fulfill their promises for today!

Kim said...

I forgot to add that I did squeeze in 30 minutes on my treadmill after the water heater got fixed...I figured I was down there anyway...might as well give it a go. I even tried to jog a little and might have been able to run if it weren't for that stupid knee. I haven't run in forever but Trish inspired me to step up the pace today.

Katrina said...


I took care of my Jump Rope for Heart duties (donation and offering my time to help) PLUS...
I gave one of my last eggs to a neighbor this morning at 7:15... does that count as a good deed?

I hope you had a great day

Jess said...

Hey Kirsty, I did a good deed today too!
I donated 5 bags of my ill-fitting clothes to a local non-profit for their fundraiser. They're a special needs school my ex-mother-in-law used to teach at.

Hope that helps make your day brighter :D

Thelma JO said...

KIRSTY ........................ I have officially started honoring your day and have donated money to the Boys & Girls of Dorchester MA (an inner city program) ... for a friend from high school that I am honoring for NOT being a Lame Duck ... He is raising money for the club and will be running the Boston Marathon ... First time runner.

I am still on a mission to right the wrong of a lame duck in your honor ... so I will search the internet ... and perhaps write a letter to a politician or something

Kallie said...

done and done! happy bday!

Jen Lynn said...

So, I've been without internet access all week. Stealing airwaves have finally caught up to us, I guess. ;)

Happy Birthday. I thought of you yesterday AND worked on a resolution/service too.

Yesterday, I paid attention to my kids. And I mean, I gave them my undivided attention. When Caroline asked me to play princesses with her, I stopped washing dishes and played with her. And when she wanted to play cars with her, I stopped playing piano and joined her. Then when Eli and Aive asked me to do something for them I stopped what I was doing and did what they asked without putting them off. It's something I do all the time and I know it takes it's toll on them, so I spent the day trying to make them feel important.

Amazing what that can do for the feeling in your home.

Anyway, I know I'm late and can't receive your awesome prize (you should come to SF anyway!), but thanks for getting my butt in gear.

Happy Birthday

Carolyn said...

Today in honor of the day of your birth I went to visit my friends. This may sound selfish and maybe in a way it is but let me tell you about them. My friend is 24. When she was 18 she was assigned as me to visit Teach. I was her first and only person to visit. We had such a wonderful time and built a great friend ship. One year into our friendship she was going to nursing school. She was on the way home when she was broadsided by someone who ran a red light. For five years now she has been a quadrapalecic (like Christopher Reeves). After her accident she was still my visiting teacher but i would go to her house for the lessons. I have since moved from the area that she lives in. I still try to make a visit every few months or so but time gets away and well...we know how busy life gets. I went today and visited her. She is able to get out of her house but the hour drive to see me and the fact that my home isn't condusive to a wheelchair makes it hard. We had a nice visit and I had a good lunch with her Mom, who is also a dear friend. I am glad that your birthday has been such a wonderful excuse to remember others I love in my life. Love you and hope it has been a wonderful day.

Sayer Family said...

First, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday! I also wanted to thank you for the resolutions. I actually did it two days in a row and have learned so much about me as a mom and how much influence I have on the atmosphere in the home. Hopefully I can continue to try to keep the wonderful feeling that we've had in our home the past two days. Thanx!

Samantha said...

I'm looking forward to reading how everyone's day turned out (including yours, K!).

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to commit to a trial run of being vegan... I've been thinking about it for a while, but was having trouble committing. Today, I was vegan for a day and learned that being vegan would take a bit more planning for meals than I'm used to, but it was quite doable. Normally on Friday night, since we're tired from the work week, J and I have pizza (frozen or take-and-bake from Costco). But, tonight I actually had to cook and found a lovely Red Beans and Rice recipe online. Much healthier than pizza, and really tasty! That recipe will be a keeper. I think I may start designating 2-3 days a week to be vegan now... work my way into it slowly (or maybe stop there, at part vegan, part vegetarian). Oh! I hadn't told J that I have been thinking about being vegan, because I don't think I could get him to go that way, but because I had to tell him about my plans today, now we've had a discussion about how things could work if I wanted to get more into it. So that opened up a line of communication :-)

I did pull some paper out of a garbage can and put it into the recycling bin at work today, and I also tidied around the dumpster in our apartment complex this morning. So those were my bonus "help the world" activities.

Jill said...

Hey not your birthday anymore girl!
Well, the children at Kenwood were reprieved from my kindness experiment. I hurt too much to go in so I tried spreading kindness on innocent bystanders and victims at the public library. The librarian looked at me with trepidation and fear when I told her I liked her sweater and to have a nice day. I continued my kindness journey on to Squeeker's where I donated an extra $2 to the Humane Society and then exited out the back and thanked the owner for having such a great store. At this point I was feeling drained and knew I better save some kindness for my kids. No one ended up in the dungeon but that may be in part due to the fact that I went to a going away dinner and movie with my mom. All and all I feel as if I accomplished my goal. I spread joy unto the world and didn't do any permanent damage.
Pink Lady Kisses

jena said...

Yes, I was up for quiet time! (Jack joined me on this particular day.) I do love sitting quietly and looking at the paper by myself.

I really enjoyed making strangers smile w/ just basic compliments. Hopefully they didn't think I was too nuts!

Luckily Alan wasn't around for a physical throttling! :)

Julie said...

Dearest Kirsty...

I was so excited about your birthday idea (plan to totally copy it for mine this year). And I had all kinds of great plans, plans to do something every day in honor or your birthday week.

And then the germs came. And I've been sick all week, but still going to work because it's the state writing test and if my kids don't start making forward progress after the January we've had, we will all go insane. Which means I haven't truly rested so I'm even more sick. So I'm sorry that I can't do any of the grand plans I had for your birthday. But I will come home, sleep, maybe watch a movie, and try to get well. Because once I'm well, I can work out, clean my apartment, and do all kinds of Kirsty-like things. :-) Love and miss you tons. Have a great birthday.