Babies come from pumpkin patches..

My beautiful children

A sublime Autumn day

Mom and Dad with their pumpkin counterparts. Does life get any better then this?

This pumpkin patch is at a working farm. The most charming working farm you could hope to see

Finny was obsessed with this "huge giant cow"

I felt sorry for this mom. And decided I did not miss the newborn stage all that much.

Babe and his buddies. Don't you just love those curly tails?

Gracie hoists a pumpkin

Hay jumper

We made the acquaintance of Duke the Dog over cider and doughnuts

Duke is clearly disgusted with how low he will go for a doughnut

Gorgeous gourds

Hay cutie!

The kids called me over to the bunny house. And introduced me to "the cutest baby bunny in the whole world"

The rest of the pictures tell a bit of a story. Bet you can't guess how it ends.

Maybe I am not entirely over the newborn baby craving

Welcome home baby Thumper! Our first pet! Our first incredibly sweet soft pet. Long awaited, (deliriously) joyfully, received.

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april kennedy said...

We went to the pumpkin patch and came home with a bunny could have been the title and confused us all! Too fun! Enjoy thumper, he/she looks adorably sweet!

Anonymous said...

As above, had problems finding the bunny post all hidden in pumpkins. He/she is truly the most adorable bunny imaginable. Love those droopy ears! Has a kind of doggy like face which with my love of dogs would only endear him even further! Who is taking car of him and picking up the cute little poos? As far as that goes, it beats dogs hands down!!
Lots love,