Her Blue Period

The other day I noticed some clutter on Gracie's bookshelf. I was getting ready to clean it up when I realised that it was not clutter at all, but a very deliberate and pretty impressive art installation:

When I questioned her about it she said yes, she had been finding things that were blue to add to it, and that she planned to do a different colour each month. (Next month is purple.) When she noted my enthusiasm for the project it grew somewhat..

I'm not sure which version I prefer although the pearl handle of the blue satin bag draped so artfully over the blue goblet is exceptionally pleasing to the eye. But my favourite would have to be the humble cotton ear bud placed unabashedly next to the sapphire princess earrings.

I so love the artistic heart that beats in my independent little girl. I am always finding little books that she has made quietly in her room as she happily hums little made up songs. Their pages are always filled with stories and illustrations by her own hand. A never ending stream of lovely collages and cards, paper decorations to hang on the door and sweet little bookmarks are produced by the prolific artist each day. But best of all are the really flattering portraits of me, always with her by my side, a big juicy heart between us and an elaborate proclamation of love and adoration carefully written above that. Oh how I will treasure those when she is a teenager.

I hope her creativity will always flow so easily and joyfully. It is already such a gift to us all.

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Janet said...

She already has such a keen sense of style and appreciation for things aesthetically pleasing. I love her collection. She's a real sweetheart.