Happy Birthday Benj! Happy Birthday Gabe!

10 years ago a very special human being was born...

On the day he turned two he got a little red "Karrrr" (which still lives in our backyard). His mommy came home from the hospital to watch him opening his presents. She did some moaning and groaning until he told everyone to stop singing Happy Birthday because he thought it was what was causing the moaning and groaning. He was such a sweet and considerate two year old.

He also got a set of golf clubs...

But best of all..

He got a little brother. He was a super special human being too.

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship

with many bed-headed birthday morning photos like this

Happy birthday to "The Guys". We love you both oh so, so, soooo much. Thank you for being such kind, smart, happy, good and lovely people. We could not have dreamed of more wonderful sons who are already respected and loved by those that know them. We feel amazingly blessed to have the Benj and the Gabe in our home and family. Hope you each have a very special and memorable birthday!
Here's the full birthday report

*Edited to add: Please stop by Benj and Gabe's blog to wish them and see Bed-Head 2008!

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nyn said...

Wow, Ten years!!! Congrats on your amazing Mom skills and your adorable boys. I love all the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY Birthday handsome boys !! Love your blog and photos :) !!

Thelma Jo
Big Tom, Thomas and Lucy :)

Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff! Too sweet! I loved the pass out with joy pic. And the ones of mommy holding her babies! They too are blessed to have good and diligent parents like you and Aaron. Loved the expression on Gabe's face when dad stayed home for their BD. Did you have a party?