Remembering Stacey..

"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith"
~2 Timothy 4:7

Today my dear beautiful friend Stacey left the world after a long and exceptionally brave battle with brain cancer. It is so hard to believe that she is really gone.

You know those kiddy punching bags that stand on the ground and when you hit them they get knocked almost to the ground but never quite, and then they pop right back up again? That was Stacey, exactly.

Stacey's life was one of the hardest I have ever known. She experienced so much physical and emotional pain, the loss of a child, the betrayal of those who were supposed to love protect and support her during some of the most critical periods of her illness, her fight to keep her children in her care as she was simultaneously fighting for her life.... I cannot imagine the strength and courage it would take to experience even one of these trials but time and time again Stacey picked herself back up and punched back. Her strength can only be described as superhuman.

As strong as she was, she was always soft. She was gentle, compassionate, forgiving to a fault. She was an incredibly generous human being. She did not allow bitterness to rob her of the time she had left. Her sense of humour never left her. The night before her first brain surgery (she was seven months pregnant and would remain awake throughout the surgery) I called her. She sounded nervous but cheerful. She chattered away and made jokes. I put down the phone that night sure that I would never speak to anyone braver.

Stacey's devotion to her children was nothing short of angelic. There was nothing she would not endure to remain here to take care of them. I absolutely believe that she stayed alive this long through sheer will and love for those kids. Five years ago the Dr.'s gave her a few months at the most. But she decided otherwise and proved them wrong. I am so glad her suffering is over, I know that her welcome into Heaven today was a joyful and glorious one, but my heart aches for her five children who lost the most wonderful mommy. I know she will now be a wonderful angel mommy to them but I can't imagine the pain they must be feeling at this time. Please send your prayers to Logan, Kelsey, Bailey, Avery and Sayler. In them Stacey has left a marvelous legacy. Her children know their mother loved them, that she still loves them. They know that God loves them and that they can reach out to Him and He will be there for him. As her friend, she has left me with many priceless memories and lessons about how to live life, and love life even when life is not going according to plan. I am so grateful to her. I will miss her so much. May she truly rest in peace.

Recent newspaper article about Stacey and her children.

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Jules said...

Beautiful post, my friend. I'm so sorry for your loss.

~ Keara said...

Amen. Stacey was a remarkable woman and I will miss her so very, very mucy.

April Kennedy said...

What an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing. My brother, 32, is fighting brain cancer right now. I know the challenges. Our prayers are with those sweet children.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Kirsty you have an amazing way with words. I am sad that I never got meet Stacey in person, but so so blessed to have known her.

nyn said...

I am so sorry for your loss and for the loss of those sweet little children. It sounds like Stacey was and is an amazing woman. Your description of her is inspiring and touching. My thoughts and prayers are with you and her lovely family.

Koala Green said...

I am sorry to hear that she past. I hope that her story can encourage others to be that strong and loving. Thank you for telling me her story and I hope things go well for the children.