Non-disgusting/germ free toothbrush storage

For a long and trying time now, I have been grossed out by the issue of toothbrush storage. Oh the terrible trials of my life! We were all using the battery operated toothbrushes which do not fit in those cute and nifty little toothbrush holders which seem to be made for the vintage, more petite toothbrush.

So I got a cup for each person because I think it's disgusting when toothbrushes all nestle together in one cup, it's like a hot-tub party for germs. And think about it, would you ever do that with your fork? Use one fork over and over and over and over again without washing it properly between uses, and each time you shove it in a cup with everyone else's cursorily rinsed fork? No! Ick! Can you tell I have given this some thought?

The only problem was now the toothbrushes were out in the open in their little cups since I don't have enough cabinet space in my hateful downstairs bathroom (where the kids brush their teeth) to keep the cups all out of sight and also protected from the germs that get all whooshed up every time the toilet flushes. Eeeeeeeuw. Say it with me. So I had the toothbrushes in their cups on a shelf in the little alcove outside of my bathroom where they were in full view of the dining room. Lovely.

So when a friend offered to give me this wonderful device-for free, all my Christmases came at once. (Yes, clearly it does not take much to thrill me, I make no secret of this.)

We switched from the big bulky non-recyclable, one-use-only-battery-operated toothbrushes and invested in a couple of these (which also brush teeth a heck of a lot better) and a couple of packages of brush-heads so everyone could have their own. I think they were about $20 each. Well worth it.

The Philips sterilizer has a little attachment to make it usable for the cheaper Oral B brush-heads. I can sterilize two brush heads at a time and store the other two in the bottom of the unit while that is happening. Then switch and hey presto-clean, germ-free toothbrushes all compact, hygienically and neatly hidden from view. No more tossing out a brand new big bulky battery operated toothbrush every time someone gets strep. You can toss out one little head, but even that is probably unnecessary. Since you have the power of magical blue light at your disposal.

Magical blue light I say! It's what works for me!

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Grammy said...

I was think of a new brush like this to. I did not quite understand. This one is rechargeable or you can use rechargeable battery's in it? I would be greatful if you would let me know. Thanks

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

I had always wondered about those little gizmos. Glad to know they do what they say they will. And I'm with you on the EWW-factor of toothbrushes nestled together. ICK!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

How cool is that?! I haven't ever seen one of those.

Kirsty said...

Hey Grammy :)
It is a rechargeable toothbrush, no batteries required! I bought mine from my dentist who recommended it. I think for the price it works amazingly well.

MediMonsters said...

Very cool!! Must check that out. TFS

April Kennedy said...

I am about as grossed out with fly swatters as you are with toothbrushes. I completely freak if someone has left a fly swatter 'sitting' casually around my house. The table, the island, the counter top, the sink...EWWWWWW. "Family", I say, "the fly swatter only touches flies and the top of the refridgerator" in my most disgusted voice ever!

Jerralea said...

I'd never seen this before either. Thanks for sharing.