Time to lighten things up a bit around here...

And reveal what I fear may become an unhealthy obsession if left unchecked.

Gracie and I spent a little time this afternoon playing here, doing some virtual window shopping and building various "looks". All I need now is a sugar daddy, endless time to shop and a lifestyle that requires a lot of trench-coat and beret wearing.

According to these layouts, I see myself as some sort of modern Jackie O with legs about three times longer then they are (see the skinny jeans). Also, I tend to get stuck in a colour palette. Hey grey! That may be a euphemism for saying that I am boring. Very fun. Very revealing. (The exercise not the clothing, I went to great lengths (pun totally not intended) to keep it modest, you should SEE what is going on under some of those coats! GASP!) Sometime soon, I will put together a pretend wardrobe more conducive to my lifestyle. And then go on wearing my existing wardrobe from Bonne Volonte. (That's French for Goodwill)

* You can click on any layout and individual item if you want to see how insanely expensive/surprisingly cheap it is and where it is being sold. Cool.

Black and grey and red all over by KirstyS

Don't you love the little grey rose I added to the cropped jacket? That was ALL me baby. I should totally be a designer.

Black and grey mix and match by KirstyS

Paris by KirstyS

Pretty in pink by KirstyS

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, I have just GOT TO GET THIN! Fat is SO wardrobe limiting. Wonderful taste, you and our little Gracie! Fun mommy/daughter activity. Don't trade Aaron in for a Sugardaddy though! Leathery wrinkled "back of necks" are so not nice, unless yours is the same, in which case it is endearing. Stay with the boy - he is a winner!
Lots of love,

april kennedy said...

I would wear so many of those tops if I didn't have my very own muffin top!

nyn said...

Love it Dahling!! I want all of it also. Will you design my new wardrobe? Okay... just a wardrobe in general. I am feeling like my winter wardrobe is pretty blah right now.