Cleaning your disgusting keyboard without taking it apart and having to get a new one

So from the sublime to the...less sublime.

You know how old fashioned computer keyboard keys (like the keys on our dinosoaur desktop) just pop off when you need to clean them and underneath them. (And it's all fun and games until somebody forgets which order the numbers go back in that one time when she was an intern, and helpfully cleaned her bosses keyboard. But we won't talk about that today)

Well the lap-top ones don't.

Which is unfortunate. And really, really gross.

Particularly if you have 4 kids taking care of their menagerie of Webkinz on your computer. After lunch. Without washing their hands first. Or perhaps even eating a sandwich (or 6) over your computer when they thought you weren't looking. (Cos you weren't).

Also a problem if you have a penchant for fluffy blankets to wrap around your frail and freezing self as you sit on the couch at 1:10 am instead of sleeping sensibly in your warm bed next to your warm husband. The seems to have set up a little Fluff Club Med under the shift key and the number 8. Shift 8. Prime Fluff property, apparently. Who knew.

Yes, ok ok I am getting to the solution. And a lovely, obvious and cheap and strangely satisfying little solution it is. I saw it the one time I got to watch non-kid TV one morning when granny was visiting. The tip lady on some perky morning show whipped out a pad of post-it's and mesmerized me (and granny) as she slid them along under the row of keys and retrieved little clumps of dust.

Genius! No lifting off of impossible to replace keys. No buying those expensive little cans of air blasting stuff. Just slide the post it along, pull it out and make yourself a new blanket or a stuffed animal or something else soft and fuzzy from what you find in there. Alternatively, you could feed a small African nation with the crumbs you haul out. (Thanks kids! Food storage! Awesome!)

If you don't have post-its handy any sticky label type thing will do. I used the sticky edge of a book of stamps...just as grossly yet satisfyingly effective.

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Tooj said...

I will be stealing a pack of post-its from the office today. I mean....I DO believe this is part of the work/life balance they talk about, right?

Kirby3131 said...

Yet another reason for me to love my Post-Its!! I will be doing this today, Thanks so much.

Have a Great Day!
Kristin (The Goat)

Lindsay said...

That's a great idea! We have a white mac, and my husband freaks if it is not cleaned semiweekly. You don't see it on your black computer, but the keys themselves are really grimy. We turn the computer off and spray window cleaner on a rag and rub the keys and palm rests. Gets it all up!

The Happy Housewife said...

Great tip! My keyboard is gross! I will be trying this one today!

~ Keara said...

O. M. G. What an awesome tip! I'm passing this one on to everyone I know with a notebook computer!

FromThe Creek said...

That is so cool! Great tip!

{april kennedy} said...

I just used a whole stack! Boy does my keyboard look clean!