1st Birthday Report

Because I am the most sentimental woman in the world, (read this article I wrote for iVillage right before Finny turned 1…it’s exactly the same almost 8 years later….sniff…)  I stayed up until 12:19 am so I could snap a photo of her the moment she turned one..
And a few hours later when she was up for the day
waking up
She was greeted with lots of singing and cuddles from big sibs, mommy and even daddy-who stayed home for the day! What a wonderful surprise for our daddy’s girl.
She had a fun morning playing, having a bubble bath and going for a walk with Shemly in the 80 degree weather!  I love how she grips the edge of stroller tray when we go for walks. It’s one of those little things that make me want to stop and eat her…. we stopped in the shade of this pretty magnolia tree. It smelled almost as pretty as it looked.
birthdaywalkmagnolia tree
And then it was time for lunch at our favourite little bakery.  Ella enjoyed drinking her water like a big girl and sharing a birthday crème brulee with us.   (The bakery doesn’t have high chairs so she had to join us on the table.)
creme bruleebig girl drinks
future's so bright
Her future’s so bright she’s gotta wear shades.
After a fun afternoon, the sibs came home and we had a yummy birthday dinner followed by CAKE.  She was deeply fascinated by the candle
For Moi?
for moi
Don’t mind if I do!…Mmmmmmmmmm…….intriguing…
Ok! Take me to the presents, daddy!
Wow!  What could it be?!
Are you kidding?!  A piano just for me?
And all of you guys, too, apparently!
That’s ok. I don’t mind duets.
Ah…a solo at last!
I’m dedicating this one to my girl, Shemly!
Later, when everyone got home from soccer there was one more present..
It makes her quite nervous
She found a much less stressful use for it
Ended the day with a rowdy little photo shoot with mommy to complete our 3 part series
It was such a happy day, fitting for a girl who makes us so happy.
Next up!  Scenes from her hot air balloon party Smile

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, she is just too, too gorgeous for words! Hard to say which picture is the cutest, but the one of her asleep as she turned 1 has got to be a hot favourite. What a little cuddle bug she is! Can't wait to squish her!!!