My Very Bad Mood

Things that put me in a bad mood:
Adjusting to new meds. ARGH
When Spring plays games with us. ARGH
Massive, all the way up the back diaper blowouts when the baby is wearing a fresh clean white onesie (right after I have bathed her and put lotion all over her) leading to another screamy diaper change and bath-ARGH
Bunny diarrhea all over the kitchen floor (she snuck some dog food again)-ARGH ARGH!
When my kids fight about ridiculous things-GRRRR
When Ella bites me-OWWWWWW
When people leave their clean laundry in the kitchen instead of putting it away-GRRRRRRRRRRR
A messy bathroom-GRRR
My husband snoring like a chain-saw-ARGH I know he can’t help it, but still AARGH
When my kids are playing with Ella and she gets hurt. –Sad smile
But mostly, adjusting to new meds. –AAAARGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Things that kind of sort of soothe my bad mood but not enough to make you want to actually live with me:
My husband taking all the kids out in the cold to watch soccer and leaving me to watch a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey in peace-Ahhhhhhhhh
Ella’s sweet smile (she has turned super sweet again (whew!), long live NOT TEETHING) and goofy grin.
Creating order-ahhhhhh. I am reading The Happiness Project and because I am adjusting to new meds I am finding it to be mostly insufferable naval gazing.  But there is a chapter in there regarding decluttering  where one of her friends mentions that she keeps an empty shelf in her house.  Today I created an empty drawer. It is a little bit empowering when you are feeling claustrophobic because you live in a house that is MUCHTOODAMNSMALL.
Sea salt truffle caramel ice cream in a sugar cone with a cup of tea. ………..
(Until I weigh myself-AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH)
Seriously, can I just be quarantined on a deserted island for the next week or two? I think that would be best for everyone.

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garhales said...

(((<3))) These are the days we look back and smile about---when we are old and have dementia! :)

Tooje said...

If you go, I will take the other side of the island. I don't even know which drawer I'd empty. Well...that's not true. I'd sump my husband's "stuff" drawer where he stuffs any and every thing in it. For no good reason. It should all be trashed but no....

Maybe reading this post wasn't a good idea today. LOL

Anonymous said...

So ALL husbands are like that???? Re: the empty drawer, nature abhors a vacuum. It will invite stuff and make you very frustrated. Don't do it until the meds kick in! Tell me about Downton Abbey. Will it be able to fill the hole left by old Frazier re-runs ending???

Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Oh blah! I hate days/weeks like that! It's nice to know the culprit of the terrible mood, but I still hate that I can't just avoid them all together, my poor family pays the price with momzilla fussing about everything they do all day. Feel your pain, let me know if I can help!