A Pinteresting Conference weekend

Conference weekend was lovely. The talks were uplifting and inspiring, the music was sublime and the excuse to lie around all day in my pajamas today and do some silly projects from my pinterest boards was nothing short of excellent.
Here’s something. I have a thing for Peeps. A Peep bouquet? Yes please. I pinned this idea from Your Homebased Mom whose creativity knows no bounds.
Paint chip Easter egg garlands are all over pinterest. I found mine here and found it to be the perfect conference watching past-time.  I may have gotten a tad carried away.
Carolyn stopped by to provide me with Ferrero Rocher and to see Ella debut her Spring wardrobe (most of which she and Elaine provided. )  Aren’t these girls gorgeous?
Finally, I used this idea to promote better listening. It worked fantastically well. Until we ran out of candy.
I also made a friend’s salsa recipe which has changed my life forever.  I will share it tomorrow. You will not want to miss it. Trust me.
What did you do this weekend?

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Leigh Anne@Yourhomebasedmom said...

Love all your fun Easter things! Wasn't conference great!?

Anonymous said...

Well, we only get to watch conference two weeks from now. So, I worked until 03:00 Friday night, until 02:00 Saturday, taught institute Saturday afternoon, husband worked until 11:00 on Saturday night and until 12:00 Friday, so not a lot of fun. Institute was probably the highlight and the attendance was not great!! But seriously glad you enjoy Conference. Saw a bit on BYU, and so looking forward to it.
Moaning Marmie.