The cuteness may actually kill me…

No really, I am hyperventilating. It hurts….it huuuuurts!!!!
Ella practicing her walking with daddy on our Sunday walk tonight.  She still prefers the bum scootch but you can’t deny the thrill on her face.
Can you stand the squishable thighs?! Me neither!

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Thalia Randall said...

The thighs under the tutu!! Love it!!!

Thalia Randall said...

I love her thighs under the tutu!!!!! Gorgeous!

Thalia Randall said...

Love it!!!!!

Dahling said...

She is definitely my niece - we have the same thighs ; ) Too too cute xxx

Anonymous said...

In the squishable thighs picture, although Shona claims the thigh connection, the face is you at that age. Why is it that my dimpley thighs don't get the same response? No one finds them adorable!