The Daddy! The Daddy! We love the Daddy! ~2012 Edition

Earlier this week I got a whim to go to the beach on Saturday. Just for the day. 3.5 hours drive each way.  Aaron immediately agreed as if it would be the most fun thing he could think of. It is only now that I realize how arduous this little whim of mine must have been for him. Yesterday he got up early after a broken night of sleep, helped with the baby, got the kids going on their chores and dropped them off to take care of the chores at the home of friends who are on vacation, immediately proceeded to the store to procure a long random list of things for me. Finished with the shopping, filled up the car with gas, Picked up the kids, picked up a prescription, rushed home, loaded up the car and off we went.  While I played on my phone for 3.5 hours, he drove. 
When we got to the beach he unloaded to 65 tons of stuff we seem to need to survive while I stayed in the car with sleeping baby.  Then he came back, unloaded sleeping baby into stroller, dragged stroller across sand (by which point sleeping baby was wide awake).  Spent the rest of the day applying suntan lotion on people, getting people food,  playing with kids, supervising kids, getting people ice cream….helping me to relocate the 65 tons of stuff to various more suitable locations…
At the end of the day he helped to drag the 65 tons of stuff to the car. Loaded up the car, changed the baby back into her clothes (first carefully dusting her entire little self with talcum powder to make sure that not one grain of sand was lodged in one little fat fold to irritate her) and found us a suitable restaurant to eat at. He then indulged me in my desire to wander around “for just a few more minutes” and finally loaded us all back in the car to drive us 3.5 hours back home (arriving at 1:30am).
At the end of the day each of our kids had said (in their own way) that they had experienced one of the best days ever.
I know I did.  I’m not sure how fun it was for Aaron but the fact that it was fun for us made him as happy and content as any of us.
Yesterday would not have happened without Aaron. Most wonderful things we do and have would not happen without Aaron.
They say, “if mama ‘aint happy, ‘aint nobody happy” and ne’er a truer word was spoken. But daddy is the one who sees to it that mama is happy. He is the rock and the pillar behind all of our good times. I may inspire them but he facilitates them. aaron5
  He makes me and our kids feel secure, loved and happy every day. I never have to worry about what mood he is in (the way I am sure he does for me).
  I know that he will come through the door every single day cheerful, happy, and willing.  He is a gem. He is a fine example of kindness and charity. He is smart and humble and hardworking.  He is funny and laid-back.  I pray that my sons will make as fine husbands and that my daughter’s will be blessed to marry men as fine as their dad. 
   Happy Father’s Day to the father of my children.

……. and Happy Father’s Day  to my own father too! I miss you and thank you for everything you have taught me and continue to teach me. Your wisdom and guidance helps me to be a better mom and wife.

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Stefani Wiley said...

I love the Love you all experience. God has blessed you beyond all measures.

Julie said...

What a wonderful love letter! You are truly blessed.

2busy said...

What a lovely day, and such a patient daddy and husband.

paparazzimom said...

Aaron is amazing and you're all so very blessed! :) Loving the beach pics!

Anonymous said...

What happened to my last comment??? What a star dad and husband that man is!!! Treasure him and hang onto him for dear life! He is a rarity. Thanks Aaron for being good to our girl.