Gracie made a dress

I mentioned earlier that this summer Gracie made a dress, but I thought I’d post some close ups of her artistry especially for my mom. My amazingly talented and creative friend Lynn (who is a seamstress and designer and taught clothing design and sewing at a college level), most generously took her under her wing and tutored her. Gracie went over to her house once a week for a few hours and by the end of the summer she had a gorgeous dress which she had made herself. Lynn taught her all the theory of sewing (she has a cool binder of all the technical terms and definitions) and did not let her cut any corners. She picked out the pattern, the fabric and learned how to sew…really well. Her dress doesn’t look at all homemade and the quality of the sewing is so good. Since I can barely sew a button these days, I am so impressed with my talented creative and hardworking little girl. Maybe she can teach me out to sew again.
It was not an easy pattern at all! Look at all the little tucks, or gathers or whatever it is you call them. And the round neck! She said that was the toughest part.
Bodice Front



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shelli said...

Great Job Ms. Gracie! You obviously had a wonderful teacher. Keep sewing, it is a wonderful hobby to have.

xoxo Shelli

Anonymous said...

OH WOW!!!!! Gracie, you are a marvel. And well done to your friend who was so generous with her time and talent. Gracie, I am SO SO SO impressed. Well done! You are an amazing girl, and I am so proud of you!
Marmie aka Granny