Gratitude on the 19th…

Today it was not easy to feel grateful. It was a sad day for various reasons.  While I could acknowledge my blessings, it was tough to feel them. I considered blowing this off until tomorrow but I suppose that would defeat the point of this exercise. So here goes….

1. People like this. They are an inspiration to me. I watched this again with my kids for FHE tonight and cried the whole way through, once again. I’m so glad that my kids have examples like this to look up to, and many opportunities to serve in truly meaningful ways.

2.My awesome vacuum cleaner and other labour saving devices.  (Although it would be nice to have something other than “facebook” to blame for my less than pristine home).
3.A reliable, comfortable vehicle to get me and my family around. I try not to take it for granted but I do. It is such a privilege to have so little thought and effort going into getting where I need to go.
5. Having the full use of each of my five senses. What a different life I would lead if even one of them was impaired. This time of year seems to be a celebration of senses, I am grateful for each of them and for all of the things that they get to feast on this month.ellainorange

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Anonymous said...

Awwwww! That clip made us all cry! Thanks for sharing it. I am sad that it is a sad day for you, but hope you feel better after this post. Your little baby pumpkin is just so adorable in her lovely pumpkin coloured dress!!