Gratitude on the 3rd

1. A nice big bathtub so that Ella and I can share warm baths and fun times almost every day. Today I tried to bath her without getting in with her,  and she was so bewildered and sad about it….so I jumped in too. What a hardship.  Her favourite thing lately is when I swaddle her yellow duckie in a washcloth and pretend it is a baby. Every time I hand the “baby” over, she reacts the same way I did when the nurses would bring me my perfectly swaddled little bundles of baby in the hospital. Exclamations of pure delight, followed by showers of kisses. So, so sweet.

2. The time and health to have a productive day. Finally had a day to get some stuff done around the house/yard/garage today. It felt so good. 

3.A warm house. What an unbelievable and oft-overlooked blessing. We were at a soccer game and Ella was freezing. It was such a relief to be able to bring her home and warm her up. Imagine having a cold baby and nowhere warm to take her. It makes me panicky to think about. So grateful this is not my reality.

4.Clementines. (And grapefruit)

5.Elizabeth Anne soap. Most heavenly smelling baby soap in all the world. Ella smells so awesome and feels so soft. Plus it reminds me of my mommy. She gave me a huge bottle of it to bring home from South Africa and I know I’m going to be sad when it runs out  But for now I’m just grateful for the magic that is Lizzie Anne.

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Anonymous said...

Awww! The duck story is so sweet. Today I saw a little girl at church who wanted to "abba" a baby on her back, so her gogo fixed her up with a towel and her little backpack taking the place of what should have been a doll, and there she was, swaying back and forth to get her backpack to sleep! It was so cute too, and kind of sad. Must take her a little doll.