Lucky on the 13th…

Tonight I feel grateful for:
1. The means to give my kids clean, fresh food and water. I am grateful that I have never known what it is like to put my children to bed hungry, to watch my baby grow weak from starvation. I can’t imagine a more desperate feeling. This is a stark reality for so many mothers every single day and when I think about it, it makes me sick that I complain about anything, ever.
2.An Aldi’s close-by. Good, cheap healthy food. I am always startled when I check out there, for the opposite reason to why I am usually startled at the check out. (Why don’t I always shop there?)
3. A warm house because if you are cold, nothing is ok.
4.Good dental care and dental insurance because if you have a toothache or you teeth rot out of your head (or cause an infection that can kill you), nothing is ok.
5.Candles. A seemingly silly little luxury which instantly create a romantic, cozy memorable atmosphere.
I have already noticed such a difference in my level of contentment this month. Each of these lists reminds me how many major and minor things that I am blessed with every day which contribute to wellbeing and happiness. It is good to spend my energy examining and taking stock of them rather than focusing on what I don’t have which is such an insidious tap in our society of rampant consumerism. Sometimes I feel silly and shallow putting candles and lipstick in with lists including clean water and my faith, but they are indeed all gifts which come from God and acknowledging their part in my life helps me to realize how richly blessed I am.

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Anonymous said...

And what about supermarket trolleys so that you can keep your baby where you want to rather than running through the aisles. I used to bless them! Lovely thoughts, especially right now when we are feeling tense about houses being demolished that people put everything they had into building them. See the article in the M & G soon. It will make you weep!