A twist on the "how will I know when he's The One?"...

October 08, 2007

Today Gracie said to me, "mommy when I get maaaa-weed (this is how she pronounces married), how will I know the boy's name? I was somewhat confused, but after some pondering I thought I knew what she meant, "oh do you mean how will you know what to name your boys if you have some?"
"No no! How will I know the boys name when I choose who to mawwy?"
Again, I sat perplexed.  Eventually she realises that she is going to have to speak in short slow sentences for me and says,
"When it is time for me to get maah-wwied, and all the boys are standing in a line, and I want to pick one (miming pointing with her finger), how will I know what his name is?"
Obviously she thought it was not a good start to a marriage to point to one's future spouse and address him by "hey you", or "that one looks like it has strong teeth".
This led to a brief explanation of the dating process in the First World  21st century,  which seeemed to bemuse her somewhat.
I love these little glimpses into their minds.
I actually think this delusion stems from the time when she said to me forlornly at bedtime, "mommy I am never going to get maa-weed".  I asked her what gave her this impression. "Well", she said, "Eli L. said that he wanted to mawwy someone else."
Suppressing the urge to march over to Eli. L's house and tell him that he was out of his freaking mind (I called his mother and told her instead),  and like any completely unbiased mother would, I said, "awww Gracie, you have nothing to worry about. When you want to get married, the boys will be lining up for you!" She perked up considerably,sat up and said, "Yes! And then I will say to Eli. L..you HAD your chance". (Picture this said with head bobbing from side to side and z-snap type attitude).
It is actually a bit scary how literally they take what we say at this age. Scary, yet entertaining.

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