Bad Mood

October 26, 2007

I am in a Bad Mood. These are the things I can think of to be in a bad mood about.
I hate my house. I think if my children did not live in it I would not hate it, I used to really really love it, I gave up a nice very large very new house with zero character for this house but PAPER has killed my love for it. There is not enough space in this small house to hold 4 children and the PAPER they generate. GAH!!! WTH IS it with all the friggin paper??? WHY must there BE so much paper?? Aren't we supposed to be a paperless society??? HUH? HUH? Well if we are it is only because all the paper now LIVES IN MY HOUSE. The paper that is foisted upon my family on a daily basis is responsible for the demise of at least one rain forest a week. This is very annoying to me and Al Gore both.
MONEY. Why can't all that paper be MONEY? It is so irritating!!! If all those bills turned into money it would be much better. Why can  this not be so? I don't see why this should be so hard! It's not like straw into gold, it's just one type of paper into a much much better type of paper. Since we have all this paper lying around anyway....(can you tell I had a minor in Economics? I really grasped those concepts didn't I?)
SOCKS!! They make me mental. WHY can I never find a pair?! It is like they have magnetic force fields in each pair that repel each other.  No two socks can ever find their way out of the dryer at the same time and into a drawer.
In fact socks in general elude me. I actually sent my youngest to school today with tennis shoes AND NO SOCKS because there seriously was not a single sock his size in the entire house. I am SURE I just bought a package. Socks mess with me.
MY HORRIBLE LITTLE GUEST BATHROOM. I hate it. I hate every single sqaure inch of it's malfunctioning grotty self. I DETEST that bathroom. That bathroom is a BAD bathroom. It should suffer bad things. It has always been a bad bathroom and it just gets worse all the time. I have devoted many hours and loving, patient, compassionate energy trying to reform that bathroom, trying to find the good in that bathroom and help it live up to it's bathroom potential, but that bathroom just wants to be bad. Some things just cannot be helped. Maybe it never had any potential. I don't want to believe that about a bathroom but ...
My kitchen. I hate that kitchen. It is a BAD kitchen. It has a big white floor. That alone just makes it a bad bad kitchen. It does not have nice flush, well fitted counters and appliances that do not let things get in between them. The kind that are in new houses and magazines. It has lots of little spaces and gaps which let in lots of dirt and make me mental because I know that it will never be really completely clean, AND it has a big, big stupid white floor. And many many stupid white cabinets. Also that kitchen holds the washer and the dryer which means it attracts dirty laundry. That's just disgusting!! AND it is the place that holds bills. It is just a BAD, wicked place. I don't feel bad for it at all that I am it's owner, it deserves somebody who cannot make toast without tearing it apart, it deserves a kitchen-tard It is an obtuse, bad kitchen.
Never having an evening without something going on. I am sick of it.  Enough already!!!!!! GAH!!!!!!
FINE!!! OK THEN!!  I will go for a run now but not because you suggested it, I'm going because it was already my own idea and that bad kitchen and bad bathroom and the other bad parts of this house should know that I am VERY UPSET WITH THEM.
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Oh dear Kirsty! Bad day! I hope the run helped.
Posted by: Samantha | October 26, 2007 at 08:36 PM

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