Soccer season is OVAH!!...

November 03, 2007

A couple of weeks ago Aaron took this picture and we both laughed ruefully over it. It was an "oy vey.. are we THOSE parents?!" moments. As you can see, it depicts our poor exhausted 9 year old practising the cello, in full soccer kit (complete with cleats.) This had been his day:
Early to school for Student Council, gifted program thingie during school which means catching up on whatever was in class after. Comes home, quick snack, frantic piano practising. Piano lesson.Shovel dinner. Homework. Soccer practise. Walk through the door right upstairs to practise cello.
Shower, scriptures, prayers, bed.  I'm thinking there was actually Scouts in there somewhere but I cannot imagine where. And seriously, this is all stuff he has asked to do, the practising is all self initiated, and when you break it down, really it is not all that much. We aren't living vicariously through our kid, or trying to keep up with the Jones kid here, it's just the way it is for any kid who wants to play a sport.
The way I remember it when I was a kid was that sport was held right after school AT school in the afternoon for FREE, and then you came home and had your supper and did your homework and hung out with your family and went to bed. The fact that schools do not generally sponsor after school activities here, makes it so that there is a lot of pressure on families both financially and time wise because everything has to be done in the evenings/weekends when parents are around for transportation, and everything costs beaucoup bucks so only priveliged children get to participate in extra curriculars. This is whack. If there is a candidate out there who can make the extra curricular scene here more like the way it was for me as a kid in third world darkest Africa, they have my vote.
Anyway, so soccer season is over.  This gives us 4 evenings a week and our Saturdays back 'til January when indoor begins. That is unless Benj decides to play the first session of indoor which starts in 2 weeks.  But still 2 weeks of freedom..this is huge.
Here are some glimpses:'
The expressions of the green guys on either side of him crack me up-remind me of the thugs on The Little Rascals.
Finny picks up some tips from the coach's daughter..and shows her his moves.
Gracie gets her game face on. She has proven to be an animal on the soccer field this season. Our little Mia Hamm.
Brick Wall Gabe at the Goal. Benj sat just off to the right of the goal during some games and tutored him-they made an amazing team. Things have really clicked for Gabe too this season.
Benj runs through the tunnel at the end of his last game today. I think this is secretly their favourite part.
It was fun while it lasted. Really it was. The weather was extremely cooperative, the games were exciting, the air was fresh and we were all together. But is OVAH and Hallelujah for that.
Oh I just found some more favs: This was Finny's first game, he was having a ball til the last 10 seconds when he was knocked over and whacked in the face. Big sibs were immediately on the scene and escorting him off the field.
When pig(gies) fly:
Here's a corner coaching in action shot
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