November 07, 2007

I have been writing all day and most of the night and am fresh out of creativity, wit or really coherence, but with only 8 minutes to go to turn the little Nov 7 from black to red, OCD dictates that post I must.
I will tell you that Finny's most recent obsession is that of being a Garbage man. He has procured a Rubbermaid tub and a wicker laundry hamper which he pushes around the house diligently filling with items. These are his garbage trucks and he takes his job very seriously. My boy has aspirations.
Anyway this evening he went out for a short while with Aaron and upon his return he rushed up to me and asked me if I had watched over his garbage. I informed him that I had. He then asked me, "did you touch it?" "No," I said, "don't worry I just watched it, I did not touch it". To which he magnanimously replied, "that's ok mommy, you can touch my garbage any time you like".
Was there ever a sweeter thing said by a boy to his mother?
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Too cute!
Posted by: Toad | November 08, 2007 at 11:03 AM

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