These are a few of my favourite… Apps

(this is something Ella-24 months old- created using Wurm)
Yes we all love our instagram, our hootsuite and our facebook app, of course. But I am constantly amazed at how useful and productive the iPhone can be when you tap into the right apps and actually use them.  Here are a few of my favs.
Apps Gone Free-is just what it sounds like. This lists a collection of the best apps which are free for a limited time (usually just one day). I love this app mostly because it gives me a much broader idea of what is out there.  There are so many amazing apps that I would never have guessed existed! And once I do, I don’t know how I did without them. They offer free apps for iPhone and iPad. My kids love discovering free new games.
Phocus. This is a productivity app. I talked it about it in  this post (which was very popular).  It really helps the ADD inclined (or even just the undisciplined) to stay on task. You set it for work and rest periods, it has a big clock which takes up your whole screen (so that if you were to reach for your iphone to fritter away some time on facebook you’d be immediately reminded not to)…. and it chimes when you are done with each segment and then rewards you when you are done. Like a dog. Good stuff.
Wonderful Day. Basically a star chart for grown ups. A very simple and fun way to keep track of your goals. Checking them off each day is a little thrill and I will often do something simply because I don’t want to see a little red dot in a streak of green ones. It’s the little things. I am a kindergartner at heart.
Quipio. A really quick and easy way to put together an inspirational thought. They have a great library of backgrounds and fonts or you can upload your own.  I can throw something together on my iphone and upload it to facebook, email it or even put it on my pinterest page in a couple of minutes.
Everybody Walk! I like using this app when I’m working out alone or with clients. I like it because it is basic, and very easy to get going and stopped.  There is no fussing around with it while you are trying to run or help someone else to run. The stop/start button is large and clear so you can see it and start/stop it without breaking your stride,  you can very easily switch from time/calories/map view, it records your workouts, your distance, your calories and your route. And you can even share your results on social media sites if you are so inclined. If you are looking for something no nonsense and easily to handle while in motion, this is a great one.
What’s App-I know everyone knows about skype and I’m sure lots of people know about this one too but I thought it was worth a mention. This is about free texting for all (not just for iPhone). I have group conversations with my family almost every day using this. You can upload photos, video and it uses voice recognition on the iPhone 5.
Timehop-I love, love this one. It collects everything you posted on various social media sites over the years and then shows you what you posted 1, 2, 3, 4 etc years on this day. All on the same page. The option to post it to twitter and facebook with commentary. It’s a fabulous way to reconnect with some of the content you may have forgotten and a great reminder of how fast time goes, how quickly kids grow up and and how you were whining about the EXACT same thing on this day 4 years ago.
Shazam Well! I think this is just magical. You know how you hear a song you really like while you are in the car or at a restaurant and wish you knew the name of it so that you could download it to listen to again and again. Well…now you can! You just activate the app, hold your phone in the general direction of the music and bam. Within seconds you will get the name of the song, the artist, the album and the option to download it to your playlist. It’s AMAZING. Hasn’t failed me yet. We often just play with it with random music to see if it will be stumped. Nope. Never.
Wurm-this is just mindless and creative at the same time. You can create really lovely, mesmerizing designs by just swooshing your finger around. I know it sounds ridiculously simplistic, and it is, but I find it strangely soothing and very satisfying as does Ella. Here are a few more of her creations…
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Janine LaTulippe said...

These are awesome. I'm always looking for new apps. Love the sound of Phocus. I'm a little ADD inclined, but then again, isn't everyone :) Thanks for sharing these! Hope to see you at True Aim.

Moore Minutes said...

This resource is awesome! Thanks :)

ANH said...

Thanks so much for sharing - these are awesome! I've never heard of the Wonderful Day app before and I just downloaded it. Too bad you don't get credit for downloads you suggested :) (hey, Apple!)

Since you've introduced me to the AppsGoneFree app... every day I race to see what is new. I've gotten some kick butt apps from that thing.

Anonymous said...

Aish! You talk funny! Don't know what you are saying. However, the one about getting all the things you ever posted for the past 4 years sounds cool. I am so happy with my texting progress on my little old phone, freebie from a friend when mine was stolen.