Pretty! Pretty! Sooo Pretty!

Before we left for South Africa we were getting our house ready to sell and so we stripped the walls bare of everything and repainted.  Then we left them bare because we didn’t really  have much in the way of generic art that didn’t scream, “The Sayer Family with 5 kids and 2 parents and a golden retriever all stuffed themselves into this charming little house”.
But now, we are back and I fear that our house looks like a government hospital minus the posters for Gardisil and such. In other words it looks very institutional and bland. And I’m finding it muy depressing. It’s time to get some art up there.
I brought some awesome beaded items back from South Africa, which I can’t wait to display properly but we need some filler. It seemed extremely fortuitous then, when Minted reached out to me.  Honestly, I tend to skip on sponsored post opportunities for the most part, but every so often I get an offer to share a company that I would be inclined to rave about anyway, and Minted is one of those gems.  As in, I just spent about 2 hours looking at their website as though it was Pinterest.  I always make a beeline for any store with pretty stationery and art and so it was natural that my prettiness craving soul would say “yes! the people need to see this on a grey and rainy afternoon”. People, if you like pretty things…read on.
I’ve long known that Minted was a stationery store extraordinaire, famous for doing stuff like these breathtakingly gorgeous wedding invitations.  (You know I had to look at them all and then agonize at length over which one I would choose for my wedding which took place almost 20 years ago).
wedding1 wedding2
I mean come on now. (Can I get married again? To Aaron, of course?) OK! Who is getting married out there sometime soon? Please order these invitations and send me one for mah fridge. You don’t even have to let me come to your actual wedding. Please?
Ok so as if all this eye candy was not enough, they also have all sorts of limited edition art (very reasonably priced!)  So now I’m obsessing over all of that too. My poor sad bare walls, take heart….mommy is going to make it better.
I fell instantly in love with these evocative pieces which I may as well have personally commissioned. Isn’t it luverly?
splendidspring tangerine
And, and and, they have custom art (the maps are really cool), home decor, party decor and a whole design section with tons of tips from the pros.  So now you have a new favourite website on which you can while away your rainy days. You are welcome.
Happy Good Friday, friends. xo

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Amander said...

I love the oranges print!