Fabulous Friday Follower (on a Saturday)...


Kristen aka Just Me, The Mom.

I gotta tell ya, this chick gets around, she writes a really entertaining blog here. What is especially cool about her blog is that Kristin is in a different stage of life then most other "mom" blogs I follow. She has four kids just like me, but her kids are somewhat more independent then mine are now, and if you ever thought you couldn't wait 'til your kids move out so that you can have a clean house, she gives you a different take on that notion. I really enjoy looking at life through her perspective, I know I'll be there in a blink of an eye, and it's good to know some of what lies ahead.

Kristin also has a glorious photography blog, she really talented. Go check it out, there's a little bit of everything there.

Kristin is also a Labor and Delivery nurse. Hey Kristin, I'm a doula! Maybe one day we will meet over a contracting belly, wouldn't that be fun (and highly improbable?)

I first "met" Kristin as a fellow Molly. She writes under the pseudonym of Metaphysical Molly, doesn't that sound intelligent an mysterious and intriguing? (Did I have to google "metaphysical?" why yes, yes I did. I am deeply ashamed of this fact but felt compelled to share it with you all. ) Go check out some of her articles here. I hope to get to know her even better now. I really enjoy her writing.

She strikes me as someone who is very comfortable in her skin, doesn't take herself too seriously even though she's really smart, funny, warm and kind. In short? She cool. You should get to know her too.

Thanks for being a follower Kristin, it makes me look good. Email me won't ya? I'd like to send you a little treat for your trouble.

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Carol said...

Your writing about someone else just tells me who you are more like Kristen yourself. Your writing has been so charming and interesting. Can't wait to see what you write about next.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Whoa! Aren't you the sweetest thing to say all those kind things about me. You really just made my week, let me see . . . let's make that the WHOLE month.

Thank you so very much!


Tooj said...

I love reading bloggers who are comfortable in their skin....I think that really shines through in their writing. :) I will go check out some of these links now. Happy Monday Kirsty!