Makes my heart sing...and my face grin

how do I love this incredibly fabulously fun wedding video? Let me count the ways. Nope, can't. Too many. Watch and smile..broadly..(I dare you not to sing along. No I don't, you have to sing along.)

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

Updated to add: I have resolved deep within my soul on this night the 20th of May in the year two thousand and nine, that this the Summer (of said year, 2009) will not draw to a close without my involvement in a creation inspired by this and all the other group/lip synching extravaganzas so dear to my heart. If you wish to be involved, let me know. If it is just me, one heavily bribed child and a crazy bunny, so be it. We will forge ahead. I am doing it. So help me. As this blog is my witness.

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Rosemary said...

Great video - Sounds amazing. This couple has great, loving friends! Made my morning - congrat's & hope you both have a wonderful life together!


Anonymous said...

That video is absolutely awesome! I've seen a few others like that here and there but that one has to be the best so far! I can't wait to see yours hon!

Now you HAVE to do it. Inquisitive minds are waiting ha ha!

Mommy Dear said...

I love it! That is the cutest thing just about EVER!

Is that a REAL wedding video?

{april kennedy} said...

OMGosh...what a fun idea! I'm in in little Napa. I have my song picked out, now just have to figure out the whole video with music stuff!