Leap of faith

Thank you so much for the kind and empathetic comments here, via email and on facebook regarding yesterday’s post. I appreciate them greatly. I love you guys. It pains me that so many others are struggling too. Depression is insidious and horrible. Please know that I am always there if you need an understanding ear.
My List of Contentment may sound lofty but when you break it down, it is mostly just the things that functional people do every day anyway. Sometimes I need to remind myself how to be balanced again. Just like long periods of inactivity due to injury or illness lead to atrophied muscles, I find that depression can really lead to an atrophied ability to be happy.  Sometimes I really just have to sit and peer through the fog very hard in order to remember what works for me.  The sunshine lately has helped the fog to lift just enough that I could more easily get a glimpse of what I needed to do…to take that leap of faith toward happiness. Sometimes the leap is more of a plod or a shuffle.
Accountability-I have managed to get out for a walk or jog each day this week. I hope to keep the momentum going.  I have set manageable tasks to fulfill in each of the other areas over the last 3 days, and I definitely do have an increased sense of returning to myself…
Happily, February is over after today. It’s a tough one. Don’t you think? I think it is my least favourite month of the year, probably because it’s my birthday month.  I do not do well with birthdays. Although birthdays in Ohio when you are over the age of 21 are far more brutal than birthdays in South Africa in the middle of Summer when you are a child.
Some things that made my heart leap for joy today?
A warm breeze flowing through the open windows and the smell of spring in the house.
Catching my baby happily reading books out loud to herself. She has such a cute little voice!
The feathery red tulips my husband brought me when he came home from work
My tidy bedroom
People waving to me from their cars when I took Ella and Shemly for a walk today.
Ella’s bam-bam piggy or as my friend Michelle calls, it, her “sprout”. Oh my word. It slays me.
Gracie giving me spontaneous kisses
The way my boys greet their baby sister after school and vice versa
I’m fascinated by Leap Day by the way. I have a special friend born on this day and I think it is so cool that she gets two shots at being any one age. I believe she is 17 again today. Happy birthday Joanie.
This picture represents the weather today perfectly. Warm, sunny, balmy, easy, breezy. The mud splatter on her temple courtesy of Shemly who was running in puddles beside her. Welcome Spring. Please stick around. We love you.005

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2busy said...

Sounds like a good day. Keep counting those blessings.

Tooje said...

She is so edible. You're right. Love the windy photo!