Our kids had an unexpected 4 day weekend this week. They got today off for voting day and Monday off as a snow-day. Which means my house got really trashed.
There is nothing like a snow day to make my house seem really, really tiny.  For one thing all my kids are home (and eating approximately 9 meals a day-but never at the same time), all my kids (and the dog )are hyper, there is snow gear (which is equivalent in size to the person who has recently shed it in the middle of the living room or kitchen),  there is melting snow and muddy paw-prints trailing from the back door all the way to the front door.
It. is. chaos.
I’m told I will miss it one day.  I think I probably will.
Thank everything good for the sledding hill. 025
Today everyone’s favourite Muss Cindi of the Ella Project  and the $50 living room makeover came over and guess what..we found another room in our teeny tiny house!! It’s the stuff dreams are made out of right? Stay tuned. I am so excited. It means that we get to decorate two new bedrooms in the next little while. One of them being a baby girly nursery for the Ella-bee! Sqqqquuuueaal! Cindi and I literally held hands and jumped up and down over the prospect. You’d better believe I am sooooo all over pinterest.
In other exciting news, I am continuing to feel better.  I have exercised 2 x this week so far. Tonight it was with Jillian. Nobody should ever compare her to me again. I am much kinder and gentler. She’s so mean. Ouch. It hurts so good. (And also a little bit bad).
On the parenting front I had to tough love one of my kids today and follow through with a warning and consequence. It was a dramatic (and sad) process but I am finding that the more I follow through, the more naturally it comes to me and the calmer/braver I feel about the whole thing. I am finding that I am able to be a lot more calm, measured and loving with my discipline. I am also noticing that my kids are taking me more seriously and that is good for all of us. 
To everyone who reached out with such kind words regarding my recent posts, thank you. I know many of us are in the same boat in various regards. We can do it, hang in there, friends. As we say in South Africa, “Vasbyt”. All will be well.

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2busy said...

I could have used the day AFTER voting day off. Caucus' take a LONG time! Maybe a snow day after would have worked.

(Dirty paw prints drive me nuts. I've taught my dog to sit down on the mat after coming in from outside so I can wipe her paws. Yeah, she's smart like that...)

Tracey said...

Just found your blog; looking forward to checking it out!

Anonymous said...

Come on already. WHERE did you find another room??? I know your house! Basement?? The scary one with the suspected mice?? BTW these words to prove you are not a robot also prove that you are a detective. Hard, hard, for old ladies to read.