Sibs on the Beach

The day after our trip to the beach, Benj and I were in the kitchen.

“So that was a good day yesterday huh?” he said casually.  “Definitely a bonding time…” he continued, “…made me feel as though I won’t take my siblings for granted again. Life would be really boring without them.”

You’d have to have an almost 14 year old son to appreciate the magnitude of such a statement.

I love our family dynamics when we go away alone together.

At one point I was playing with Ella, and looked up to see that the kids had climbed an unattended lifeguard tower, and they were all anxiously (and futilely) engaged in sand removal whilst chatting companionably.


I love that they are sort of in birth order here.


When Ella spotted them she was determined to join them…



Which meant that I was compelled to stage a birth order shot. Like so. Even the spacing is pretty appropriate. Two years or less apart…and then a bit of a gap.  (It would have been better if I’d caught it when she was half way down the beach Winking smile )


Have I mentioned how much I love the way my kids are together when it is just them, away from it all?wadingsibs

Because I do.


It’s magic.


They are yelling “YOLO” in this (the lake was pretty chilly…)

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Jill said...

How many times do I need to ask you to adopt me?

DianeSS said...

One of the things I love best about holidays is that it forces you into a cohesive interdependent unit and somehow my children have always got along and enjoyed each other's company when there is no one else for them to go off with. I love your photos of your children!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pic of them on the tower. So intense with the sand removal! Also loved the video of Ella playing "Fetch!" - and she is not even a Retriever dog like Shembly!! Is she left handed??