Dancing queen and some other endearing things

Last night I was too tired and distracted but I thought of some other things I want to remember about Ella as a 16 month old…(I’ll add these to the official 17 month post later)

She calls me Mam! Mam! Mammy! I think it is so cute.

When I am drinking tea she is in awe. She looks at me with a huge grin and wide eyes and whispers, “ta,ta, ta, ta” (because I always whisper to her that it is Hot, hot, hot, hot! Aaron claims he taught it to her when he was making her oatmeal. Whatevs.)

She gets freaked out when her fingers get wrinkly in the bath.

She will still only take baths with me in it with her. With mommy=fun times. Without mommy=terror and doom. While we are in the bath her favourite things to do are to fill two bottles full of water and then dump them out, over and over again. She is also a big fan of her water spouting whale.

When a song she loves comes on the radio she will wave her arm to the beat, even if she is crying or feeling really sick. It’s so endearingly involuntary. Excuse the special fx frequent change in camera orientation, not sure what that was all about.  (Enjoy the vocal stylings of my kids).

She has added “guys” to her “see you” so now she yells, “see you guys!” when the kids go anywhere without her.

She LOVES to draw on the blackboard and more recently on limbs, that of herself and others.

She will very sympathetically offer an “uh-oh” to any mishap anyone may have around her.

She continues to be annoyingly obsessed with my iphone and I am beginning to think she can read. Just kidding..kinda.. Recent facebook anecdote:

Is it possible for a just turned 17 month old baby to recognize that letters mean something? Or recognize that the look of a certain figuration of shapes that look like this: A a r o n S a y e r mean: DADDY!!?? Because Ella can find Aaron's phone number on my phone and she will call it grinning with delight and say, "Wo? Wo? (Hello?) HI DADDY" even before he picks up. She calls (and texts) other

numbers too but when they ring she just hands the phone to me with a shy smile...like "you might want to handle this". There seems to be a definite difference between her reaction when she calls Aaron's number to when she is messing around in general. I remember Benj could identify individual letters at this age but this seems more obscure. I think I underestimate the abilities/understanding of babies!

She is no longer content to be confined in a stroller when we are anywhere that may carry cosmetics. She needs to be out and selecting things. She has a special fondness for nail polish of course. She doesn’t appear to feel compelled to participate in any other type of grocery shopping.


She loves pictures of “BAYBEEE"s and when she sees them, she strokes them on the computer screen or on a book and says in a soft, high pitched gentle voice..”bay-bee! bay-bee!”

Other new words: cheese stick, pizza, cheezies (cherries), Gabe!, Baydy (her friend Brady), Gemy! (Shemly). And when you pat her on the bottom she says, “OWwwww boppy!!!” in a very wounded way. It is hilarious.

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Anonymous said...

She sounds and looks delightful! Thanks for the cutest video! You certainly have musical kids. Pretty soon she will be vieing for time on the cello - look out Benj. and Gracie.

BTW - I see the "prove you are not a robot" has gone. YAY!!! It made me feel like one cause I could not read the letters. They were tres obscure sometimes.