Summer ending..

The pool that holds so many memories and hours of my kids’ summer closed this year. Forever. Dun…dun..dun.  A much more elaborate “aquatic center” is in the works but it still makes my sentimental heart a bit verklempt. End of an era and all that….
We took our traditional “last leap of the Summer” . These pictures tell the story of a 14 year old boy who thinks that the “let’s all jump together” fake-out is the funniest thing ever.
Ok fine, take 2:
This Summer we also had a running group with friends twice a week… I took these photos on our last day. Sadly the big boys had already started their various schools and practices so they are not represented
I’m impressed by all the kids who left their comfy beds and went running in the sticky heat. It was not easy for many of them but they stuck with it, which is a lot more than could be said for me at that age…I bet it made getting back into sports a lot less grueling though.
To be honest the last couple of Summers have been more of a blur than I’d have liked. Last summer was dealing with newborn issues and this summer I have been stuck at home most afternoons as she napped. Thanks to my generous friends who supervised my kids at the pool so they didn’t have to be too! I feel a bit sad that I wasn’t more involved in everything, but well.. ‘twas the season for napping babes and I’m sure I will be next year…

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