Election night gratitude

(ABCNews.com asked me if they could use this picture! We’re famous! Winking smile )
1. My kids. They spent all of their day off canvassing in in the cold. When Aaron and I met the boys at the campaign headquarters at 5pm (after they had already been out for hours), they were tired and cold but readily agreed to come with us on a shift to show us the ropes. They pretty much just took over. Aaron and I couldn’t believe how efficient and brave they were.  I was really very proud of them. Quote by Benj: MOM! Give me that clipboard so I can figure things out! And get off your dang facebook! This is important!  Gracie spent all day out doing the same with friends too. Regardless of how the election goes, I am so proud of them all for getting involved in something outside of themselves and their own little world.   And whohooo to the kids who stayed home, totally uncomplainingly, with no dinner so we could do our civic duty.
2.ALL the people who have worked so hard and tirelessly on this election. I admire your unselfishness and dedication so, very much.
3.Facebook. So great to have a virtual election night party in my pajamas. Obsessing all night alone would suck.
4. OHIO! Second time in eight years that it is my favourite state in the nation.

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