Guess who is 20 (sniff) months old?!

This little pretty!  She turned 20 months on Thanksgiving day….I can’t believe that she will be two pretty soon!
But first, to commemorate her final month of toddler teendom for time and all posterity...let us harken back to..when Ellabeth was 19 months old shall we?  This one is epic.
At 19 months old, Ella was the cutest little poodle skirted chick for Hallowe’en.
She loved, loved, loved trick or treating…and she really loved the haul.
She also fancied princessy dresses around the house.
Was a huge fan of the “bah” (pronounced as a sheep would say it…or the way a South African mom would say “bath”) and made it her special mission to add several wash cloths in as the water was running.
When she was 19 months old Ella would respond to requests that she did not intend to fulfill with a very sweet and  regretful sweet “Moooooooow” (No). With a sad, but kind smile, as if to say, “really, this hurts me more than it hurts you. “
When she was 19 months old, Ella still reminded me (and lots of other people) very much of Boo from Monsters, Inc.
(reference for my mom)
At 19 months old, Ella remained steadfastly obsessed with the iPhone. Here we have a little illustration. These two photos were taken just seconds apart about one hour after we returned home with a little playdoh set, bought expressly to distract Ella from her iPhone preoccupation. As you can tell, that experiment did not go quite as planned. On the bright side, her older siblings were able to access their inner Cake Bosses, heavy Brooklyn accents and references to “fondant” included.
Incidentally, she continued to be a major fan of the Bubble Guppies. She could locate the Buppies on youtube, on my iPhone within mere seconds, a feat I have yet to achieve. She also could tweet her favourite episodes to my twitter account and my facebook account with alarming swiftness. It took about a week of this before I realized that all the unauthroized activity on my account was Bubble Guppies related and thus my account had probably not been hacked…well at least not by a stranger.
When Ellabeth was 19 months old she had her first (and hopefully her last??!) bout with croup which made her sound like a lounge singer for several days (this shot was taken as we sat in a steamy bathroom at 3am….good times…)
The 19 month old Ella adored her “Memmy” (Shemly), laughing at her antics, feeding her the food she doesn’t want to eat, exploring the great outdoors with her and most importantly, bossing her around all. day.long.
When Ella was 19 months old she would once again deign to sit in the cart especially if we let her sit in the basket portion. Dire cart diagramatic warnings aside, we are taking it and running with it..
When she was 19 months old, Ella made her first joke. When we were counting to 10 in the bath one day, she got a little twinkle in her eye and blurted out “POOPIE!” when she got to 10. Then she laughed uproariously. After she (and I) had dried our happy tears, we tried again, but this time she had another very funny surprise. When she got to 9 she followed it with a loud proclamation of “PEE-PEE!” before she collapsed into happy hysteria.  The sophomoric humour did not stop with potty talk. When she was sick, we walked past a bowl of fruit as she lay limply on my shoulder. She perked up enough to point at the grapefruit and say “BOOB!” and then chuckle with delight as she glanced at my chest, then again at the grapefruit and repeated, “BOOB”. She does her 3 older brothers proud.034
(Despite all this when she was 19 months old, Ella still looked like a little cherub when she slept)
The 19 month old Ella loved to dish out kisses. Always accompanied by a big sound effect..”MmmmmmmmWAH.” Here she is kissing the little stuffed puppy she put in that basket.  My fav was when I caught her kissing my facebook profile picture or when she was sleeping in my bed and would wake up half way, sit up and crawl over to me just to kiss me before she passed out again. Sooo sweet…sniff.
Indeed, when she was 19 months old, Ellabeth was terribly tender and compassionate toward animate and inanimate objects alike. For instance she always said “sowwy” to her rubber duckie whilst pouring water over him in the tub.
The 19 month old Ellsy-bellsy became really good at posing oh so naturally whenever she saw  a camera pointed in her general direction. Unless of course, we really wanted her to pose nicely. Then she was violently opposed to the whole thing and very much valued her privacy.
At 19 months old, Ella continued to really love her daddy (and look a lot like him!)
The 19 month old Ellabeth was always very reverent and pious when she felt like a prayer was in any danger of being said…
yet sadly she was not very reverent at all when it came to church..especially sacrament. She became very well acquainted with the classrooms, the foyer and the hallways..
On the day she turned 20 months old Ellabeth celebrated her second Thanksgiving by getting punch drunk. Literally. People are still talking about it. Red Dye 40 is her poison. Fortunately she is a very happy drunk.
At 19 months old Ella continued to pick her nose whenever she felt shy or awkward (i.e:almost exclusively in public…of course.)
As for eating habits, the 19 month old Ella preferred to keep her diet beige in colour and flavour ,and she preferred to sip water, “elegantly” as her father would say, from a glass goblet. Sippy cups disgusted her.
When Ellabeth was 19 months old she watched her first Presidential election go down (after joining her brothers on a chilly evening of “getting out the vote”). Her tireless work paid off. Here she is applauding when our guy won. It seemed the thing to do.
Photo: Ella celebrating since it seemed like the thing to do...#ellabeth #obamabiden2012
At 19 months old…there was this major and very exciting development….(she still prefers to read to herself though Sad smile )
At 19 months old, just in time for the really cold weather, Ella discovered that she loathed hats. Especially when it was freezing outside. She hated hats unless they were her idea and worn inside. Then she found them fabulously fun.
The 19 month old Ella was happiest when she was outside…where she even tried her hand at water divining one day.
Ella at 19 months old loved her “Daycie” very very much. Indeed she loved all her siblings very very much (even though one of her first sentences has been an indignant “TOP IT BEEJ!!” ) But she and Daycie share a very special bond.
Photo: My girls.❤ Two sickies, one lazy-cozy on the couch on this rainy Monday morning.
At 19 months old Ella walked in her first holiday parade. Well actually she sat, in her little red wagon, beautifully, the whole way for close to 2 hours, with narey a moment of protest.
She found it all most intriguing..
I cannot tell a lie…at 19 months old there was this: (Thankfully this has not become a routine event…hopefully that trend will continue….)
The 19 month old Ellabeth really should have auditioned for the part of the twilight baby Renesmee, considering she even has the red eyes and is much cuter and less creepy than the CGI baby…Just call her Ellamee?
And look what a great celebrity she would make… (this pic reminds me of those “celebrities are just like us…they go shopping too” magazine features. She’s so cooly ignoring the paparazzi as she goes about her errands…)
Ella aged 19 months loved doing artwork, particularly with markers and pens…although note her ever present companion…. it is never far from her side.
When she was 19 months old, Ellabeth was affectionate, busy, funny, sweet and tons of fun.240242244
When she was 19 months old,Ella was endearingly open about her great love for her “Mammy”. Which her Mammy lapped up, because Mammy was very much in love with her too.
Check out when Ellabeth was younger months old here..(and scroll forever)

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