Scenes from Hallowe’en 2012 Marathon: Part 3: Hallowe’en proper

Hallowe’en dawned dark and scary especially after Finny (who had been asked repeatedly the night before to get his costume together lest it create drama in the morning) announced when he was 3 minutes late to get out of the door, that he did not have a clue of where most of his costume was.
That made me feel like this. On the upside, I wore these horns to greet the kids after school and informed them that they were indicative of my mood. Rooms were cleaned, sans discussion.
Not to be outdone, Ella acted like this for most of the day:
(That’s a pitchfork she’s got there, you can’t see her horns but she was fully in character if you get my drift..)
When she wasn’t acting like this (that would be witchy..don’t let the calm expression fool you, she was temporarily distracted)
(Removing her shoes and socks in the middle of Finny’s school Hallowe’en parade)
A brief glimpse of the handsome devil (sans horns-super irritating story) and bowtie (see above) was had before we had to leave due to the overtired witchy devil needing a nap (and so did Ella)
That evening we gathered for our pre-trick or treating pizza party. I took a bouquet of caramel apples and my life changing dip (I had a brief obsession with making caramel apples this season-strange).
When we were all suitably stuffed it was time to forage for sugar. Here’s the 2012 gang. Look at all the demonic eyes!!!
The photos get even worse from here..
My favourite of all the bad photos: this little greeting between toddler. Ella got sooo animated when she would see someone her age. This little Dr. seemed pretty smitten…
It got soo cold but she was a trooper. At one point her little face was so stiff with cold that she was having trouble forming words. It was pitiful but she seemed unperturbed. Aaron would give her hypothermia treatment by wrapping her in his coat between houses.
Brief glimpse of the ceiling fan and handsome devil  racing by… they were men on a mission and had no time to play around with a mom and her bad camera.
Wish I’d done a better job of capturing her absolutely delighted and bemused smile every time someone gave her candy. By the end of the night she was an old pro and had to be told to take “just one” although she usually got away with it, especially with the older crowd who were enamoured by her and her poodle skirt. It seriously was the cutest thing seeing her sidling smiling shyly up to the bowl, saying “tee, teet” (trick or treat), very carefully picking a treat, saying her “bam-boo”( thank you) and  “BYE” before trotting off with a huge self satisfied grin of delight. Here is a tiny video. You should totally watch it. Unless you hate cute babies.

And finally, inspecting the haul
And the all important business of trading…
A very pleased little somebody and her sucker.
Then time for bed for weary bones. Good night ghouls!
See our 2012 Hallowe’en marathon part 1 and 2  here. And cutest of cute pumpkin patch pics here.
Only one more installment. Oy Vey!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like a very fun time was had by all. Well done Mom. And little Ella was too, too cute! Loved her pumpkin collection bag. Beats our scruffy plastic bags. We need to do better. BTW, you looked very fetching in your horns, and not as scary as you hoped!