Scenes from the Pumpkin Patch….2012 Edition

We hit the pumpkin patch on Monday night for Family Home (but not home) Evening. I look forward to it every year and between soccer and weather it was a real trick to find a suitable moment to go.  It was worth the juggle though.  I love this stuff. Moments like these give me time to just observe my kids doing their thing, interacting with each other, playing..just being kids. Outside. Undistracted and natural. It’s pretty much my favourite thing.

Ah but I fear that this is the last year I will get this cooperative group shot…indeed I fear the days of uncomplicated excursions like these are numbered (which makes me crave and treasure them that much more).


(I laughed so hard when I saw the little pumpkins clutched in Gabe and Gracie’s hands. They look so cheesily posed. NOT that I am in the least bit above cheesy and contrived posed shots…but they actually had those to give to Ella to keep her amused should she try to escape…somehow they never made it to her pudgy hands.)

Speaking of Ella-she turned 19 months on Monday so we took or two snaps of her Winking smile. Coincidentally,  it was exactly to the very day a year  since we were at the patch last!  Isn’t that a cool coincidence? I know this because we took her 7 month photos there!….oh time..why are you so swift and cruel?) I must say, the months have been kind to her though…she is aging gracefully. Winking smile

Mutual Adoration Society. I enjoy these two.


Please don’t make me into a pie!



Poor Ella. Nobody loves her.


My lovely Gracie. Kind, sensitive, complicated, creative, funny and beautiful.


This is a lucky little pumpkin. My heart aches when I see these scenes.


Wouldn’t it be lovely if when I look back on my kids’ childhoods, all that will remain is idyllic scenes like these? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Wouldn’t it be even lovelier if that was all they remembered? If only I had one of those Men In Black type thingies that made it so. If only.


I want to eat this boy. He really is the sweetest most gentle serene little soul. His facial expressions always remind me of a Norman Rockwell painting.


Finny being Finny.  This boy exudes life and joy. He is sunshine.


Benj made it his mission to find the perfect pumpkin for his Ella. For all the gruff teen bravado that boy is like putty in the hands of his baby sister. Unabashedly so. The tenderness is just so…heartbreakingly sweet. It is a great joy to me. This is a good kid.


I am a great fan of these five people.



A C for Caroline and a J for Jonathan (that’s his name you know)


Our haul..


Gorgeous gourds..


Just chilling with my elbow casually placed on this pumpkin…oh what? Is that a camera?!

She’s quite


Ella is endlessly stoic in the face of adoration….


When we got home we had the traditional stomping of the Impatiens stalks. They did not hold up nearly as long as they usually do this year Sad smile


Traditions make me so happy. Autumn makes me so happy

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And if perchance this obscene number of photos was not enough for you, check out this link for even more. There are so many lovely photos to take at the farm. I just can’t stop. (Oh and that is just a small selection of my personal collection. Yes. I know. I have a problem.It really doesn’t concern me too much, although I do truly admire and envy people who can restrain themselves to post just one perfect picture on their blogs. Ah…to be that..controlled. Oh well.)

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Stacie said...

Looks like a great time was had. Lots of great pictures as well.

2busy said...

Great pictures, mama! I think what I love most about the changing of the seasons are traditions like these.

Anonymous said...

American pumpkins are so pretty that they look fake! Loved the way everyone was dressed in the right colours. Well done! Lovely pics. The kids continue to be gorgeous. Are they never going to go through the geeky stage that all of my kids went through? (Must say, your geek stage was the mildest - I dread the fall-out this comment will cause - maybe the sibs. won't read it. Here's hoping!)