Guess who is 7 months old?

Actually, Ella has been 7 months old for a while now, so we need to catch up on what happened when she was 6 months old! It was a big month! Lots and lots of FIRSTS. For her 7 month birthday she visited the pumpkin patch. See more cuteness from that day here.
7 months
At Ella’s 6 month Dr’s appt she weighed: (we have to find the piece of paper but we know she was just under the 50th percentile for weight)
and measured: (still looking for that paper but we know she was 95th percentile for height)
her big giant head was: (searching for the paper but we know her big giant head was 99th percentile in circumference).
She very much charmed her Dr. and got started on her medical career path.  Then she caught up on some reading whilst unsuspectingly waiting for her shots.
After her shots she had some retail therapy, trying on the holiday fashions at Gymboree. Vogue!
When Ellabeth turned 6 months old she posed in a leopard outfit as an option for Halloween, or perhaps an audition for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
She and her little dog biscuit (and her big dog Shemly), went for an epic ride/run on her first 1/2 birthday to break in her brand new baby jogger. We loved it.
When Ella was 6 months old she was lit-lee and sweet (private joke for my husband)
She smiled even when she cried
She continued her love affair with Sophie the Giraffe and discovered a love of Daddy’s sunglasses.
She moved into her beautiful big girl crib! And she loved it! (Thanks, Richters)
She had her first taste of solid foods! Avacado! She was appears as fond of it as her Aunty Shona is.  These facial contortions followed every bite, yet she kept going back for more.
So far she has tried avocado, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, prunes, peas, and oatmeal. Of course she loves the butternut squash the best.
She worked on her troll doll hairstyle
troll doll
And she was mommy’s little SMUSH! Mmmmmmm smushy smush SMOOOOOOSH. Those cheeks are so addictive (the other cheeks are tooWinking smile ).
She was endlessly easygoing as she was dragged to soccer game after soccer game.
She was fascinated with the fascinator her Grandma and Grandpa Moon brought for her big sister. Royal Wedding, anyone? (Her expression reminds me a bit of Victoria Beckham).
She was daddy’s little Sweet Pea
She got her first toofie! And she did not whine about it. At all. We discovered it something like this.
daddeh“Hey Daddeh! There’s something weird going on in my mouth”
drooly“Something hard and sharp. I feel it on my bottom gum and it is making me drool like craaaaaaazy.”
“Yep, that’s it, that’s the spot! You’ve found it sister!
happyteether “My first tooth? Hehe! Only about 6 years til I get some cash from the tooth fairy. Hey! Does this mean I get to eat chocolate?”
And now for some iPhone shots. Can you guess her favourite book?
Playing air guitar, CHEESING for the camera and celebrating the first time in her high chair.
Congrats for her brother post cross country meet and orchestra recital. Being her sister’s and brother’s guest on Special Friend day (check out the entourage she attracted, it was sooo funny. I only captured about half the girls marching along beside her stroller. Not one boy, mind you.
Here she was being so cute and irresistable that we had to take her out of her car seat as we were driving just to squish and kiss her. Juuuuust kidding. We were (surprise!) watching a soccer game from the car.
When Ella was 6 months old, she could sleep anywhere, and through anything (except the night!)
When Ellabeth was 6 months old, she was pure delight from head to toe.
Oh! I almost forgot! When she was 6 months old she said her official first word, “mama” (the first of my baby’s to eschew “Dada” as first word. Yay!)
Check out her progress
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Jill said...

My heart overflows

Tooje said...

Housewives of NJ...*giggling*

I love both sets of cheeks too. I'm such a pincher/kisser. Yummy photos. Love the last two especially.

Anonymous said...

Just laughing at the avo pictures and thinking how much Shona must treasure them. Maybe avo on its own is a bit much? Maybe mixed with something? Loved the sleeping pics. and the leopard print pics. Thanks for keeping us so involved.

Peg said...

I love getting to know Ella with your pics! Just love her (and you!)