Hollywood Party Extravaganza~Part 2

Did you miss Part 1? Egads! A travesty! Hasten over to Part 1 and come back quick

After the photo booth and the commercial shooting, the girls were surprised by a celebrity interviewer.  Barbara Walter’s lesser known brother, Bob. Who curiously enough, had a Spanish accent.


(here he is waiting in the “Green Room” until the girls were ready to be surprised. Oh that Bob. He had all sorts of demands, popcorn, something to keep him from lying directly on the bathroom floor for the 15 minutes he was in there…man, what a diva!)


Bob was a huge hit. He asked all the tough questions. He wasn’t afraid of getting into scandals…and as you can see in the bottom right hand corner…he may have contributed to a few celebrity cat fights. It was all most entertaining!


After Bob left to contact all the tabloids, it was time for cake. Well, cupcakes. They were amazingly yummy and pretty. Thanks Janelle!


And then it was time for presents. The present opening also kicked off Kirsty Sayer’s School of Etiquette. Lesson 1: Don’t Count the Cash in Public (exhibit a: bottom right) Lesson 2: Not everyone is comfortable with physical affection (exhibit b, bottom left)


Then the celebrities were ushered to the dressing room in order to touch up their make-up for the red carpet..it was….a whirlwind…(I feel compelled to point out the second chandelier classing up the bathroom..I mean…come on now..how much do you love our Goodwill? )


TO BE CONTINUED: click here for Part 3…

Did you miss Part 1?

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Carrie said...

This looks like so much fun!! And what a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I mean, oh WOW!!!! and all that!!! Loved the chandeliers and all the decor and as for the ideas! This party will go down in history. The diva looked pretty cute too. Loved his hat. Just too, too cool. Would have loved to hear the accent. Looking forward to Part 3 with bated breath