Hollywood Party Extravaganza~Part 3

Dahlings!! WHAT????!!! Did you miss part 1 and part 2?! Scandalous! Check them out and hurry back, miss you madly!
Without further ado, here’s part 3. After the beautifying…the girls were told that there was a surprise awaiting them. They left the dressing room out the back door (very celeb) and were greeted by the sounds of screaming in the distance…which was soon eclipsed by their own screaming when they realized that a crowd of fans and paparazzi were awaiting them.
Their excitement was so  completely cute and fun. Janelle made each of the paparazzi/fans an autograph book and the collected signatures from each of the celebs. We later gave each girl one of the books to take home with their other swag…
Don’t they look just so natural….?
After they had managed to shake off the fans… it was time to open the concessions stand and redcarpet2
Get ready for the viewing of the commercials
We filled up jars and dishes with all sorts of movie theatre candy and we even got genuine movie theatre popcorn from a friend who works at a movie theatre. It. Was. Awesome. (As you can tell, I couldn’t resist showing the drink labels again, I think they were my favourite part of the entire shebang Winking smile )
045007 (2)
The girls daintily partaking of the bon-bons…. (bottom right is a particularly coy display).
Screening the commercials. We laughed, we cried. Some threw popcorn. There was vacuuming after.  The ads are up for private viewing on youtube now. They are pretty cute. These girls may just have a future in the biz…
And then it was time for……..(drumroll please….)
We gave each girl one of the ornate Christmas ornaments we found as awards …(we hoped they somewhat resembled awards) with a cute little card with their award on it.


Jannelle even found glittery little boxes to “open” at the big moment to up the suspense.  Many touching, teary speeches thanking the various little people ensued….a few people got political. You know how Hollywood is.awardcollage
And just like that…it was over….I think these two girls had a ton of fun. I still remember the awesome Hollywood birthday party my mom put on for me when I was about their age and I hope they will remember theirs when they are old and decrepit like me.  We had a lot of fun planning it and a surprisingly great time throwing it…thanks to  Jannelle and the many other kind and willing hands who made the magic happen!

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Anonymous said...

You guys are sheer genius! How did you ever think of all the fun stuff you planned for them? Was it a surprise, or did they know the programme? Have you thought of doing this as a business enterprise? I guarantee you would make a killing (or at least get a lot of business. Well, well done! You can feel really proud of yourselves. Go Mommas!

Stacie said...

WOW! found this on Pinterest.. now my daughter's 11th Red Carpet is going to be AMAZING! Thanks for the great ideas, you have just made me the coolest mom in Michigan..

Anonymous said...

Wow--what a great job! I'm getting ready for my 5th annual Oscar party...did you make the photo booth sign yourself? Would you be willing to share the file? I love it!


Sfolkerts at everestkc dot net