On losing one’s shiz

Tonight Ella and I lost our shiz at precisely the same second. It all happened without warning. There were extenuating circumstances for both of us which made irritability to be expected but truly, neither of us saw it coming.
I was perfectly fine all day. Better than fine. She was mostly fine all day, becoming progressively less fine as the day went on…as toddlers do…and then…..BAM! From zero to nero in 10 seconds. Both of us!  Call in the exorcist!
Apparently I have a very, very finite amount of patience and the fuel gauge on my patience tank is totally broken because even I did not see that coming.
I was fine and then….. I. Was. Done.
OK. So this is when having a big family is a major asset. Particularly a big family of mostly independent children.
Earlier we were window shopping for couches and bemoaning the fact that we can’t just get an ordinary living room set…no..we need you know, stadium seating.  Having a large family can be a bit of a pain at times. Like when you want to buy things, or pay for things or you know..do things.
But tonight when Ella lost it and I subsequently lost it, even though two people (including my co-parent in crime) weren’t home, there were three more highly competent/sane/willing/adoring of Ella people to swoop in at the critical “OMIGOSH I’m GOING TO LOSE IT IF THIS KID CLAWS AT ME FOR ONE MORE SECOND”  moment and take her somewhere else to soothe her frazzled nerves, while I remained in another room soothing mine.  That’s a luxury most moms of toddlers don’t have you know.
It’s quite brilliant.  I can’t imagine how I ever had a child before, let alone four of ‘em, without at least 5 more competent people to assist in rearing it.   I can’t imagine how I had a pack of children all around the same age before. That was certainly short sighted! This is why multi-generational family homes are a really good idea.  It really does take a village. Or a massive family.  Or a younger, more patient/sane mom?
Either way…lots of older, nice, responsible,stable, functional kids? Yay! Highly recommend.  Better then a cute little loveseat any day.

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Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

I'm a shiz loser myself. Props for cooling down :o). And we can cross the "younger" off that "younger more patient/sane mom" list, it doesn't fix anything. And as far being more sane, well, i'd have to ask someone sane to see if they think it helps. I bet it would help.