Everything little thing gonna be alright..

This week I haven’t felt that way at all, to be honest. It’s been a week. A week which has made me feel so acutely aware of how little control I have over anything bad or unexpected that might happen to me or my loved ones. A week that found me feeling small and powerless to protect.  As a mother this is such a terrifying feeling. Overwhelming and dark.
But one of the moments of genuine peace and calm I have experienced was tonight when I read the talk (excerpt below)  to my kids. All the feelings of stress and fear melted away for a moment. I did not feel overwhelmed by my great desire to protect my children from the things that seem to clamour to derail their success and cloud their happiness. I was reminded, once again that I was not alone. God has a vested interest in my precious children that makes mine seem so paltry.  He loves them too, infinitely more perfectly and completely than I can.  He knows the things they face and will face. He has confidence in their ability to overcome them, and I should too.
(Thank you to sweet Alyson who shared this quote on facebook today. You were inspired. xo)
Read the rest of this talk here. Especially if your shoulders are all hunched up around your ears (literally or figuratively), or your stomach feels like lead, or your mind is dark and overwhelmed…it’s really going to be OK. He knows. He loves you. He’ll help you. He’s got this.

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Amander said...

Thank you for the reminder. I love you so!

ANH said...


You are amazing.

Superjaxster said...

I needed this - thanks!!