A full heart..

Some days parenting is hard and scary and sad and overwhelming. You are sure, no quite positively convinced that you are the worst at it EVER in the history of parenting. You feel so sorry for your poor kids to be afflicted with such a parent as yourself. You wonder how they will ever afford all the therapy. You cringe at how you will be portrayed in the expose memoir/Lifetime Original Movie.
And then there are other days. When your kid does something unexpected and wonderful and you are assured that they are growing up just fine in spite of you. That the iPhone has not in fact rotted their delicate growing brain and that the really, really boring and dry shape identification game they like so very much has actually taught them something.
And you just just sit back and enjoy the fact that they are really cute. So, so cute.
Today as I  was cleaning the bathroom while Ella drew in the tub her chattering became more insistent and my brain slowly tuned in, “A haht mammy! A haht!”  “No honey, it’s not hot, it’s just nice and warm” MAMMY! A HAHT! WOOK!! I turned to see her delighted little face pointing insistently at her art work on the side of the tub. “A HAHT Mammy!! IS. A. HAHT!” I walked closer and the penny dropped. It was a HEART! A sweet, clearly identifiable heart on the side of the tub, and she was pointing it out to me. So, so proudly.
I grabbed the camera and asked her (again and again ;) to make sure it was not a fluke. And indeed it was not. (I had to cut off the end of the video with the “tiangle” attempt which was really quite good, because it was not quite as modestly filmed as the rest of it. )

GOSH this kid makes me happy. She really is so clever isn’t she? I mean she is not even two yet!
After we got dressed we went to spring “Daycie” from school for a little girls lunch out. Ella was so delighted to have her sister with her, us three girls, having a little lunch. Her little smug smile says it all.
It was so fun to show Gracie the video  of the “haht” the minute she got into the car, and to witness her great delight. Her sister is her little student and her doll. The night before last she sighed happily watching her play and said, “you know mommy, I really do think she is an angel sent straight from heaven”.  Their adoration is mutual and complete.  The only thing that makes you prouder of your cute little child doing something new and wonderful is watching your lovely older child being completely in awe of her little sister doing something new and wonderful and squealing with delight over it.
I think sometimes God just knows you need to lighten things up a bit (or a lot)  You need to just chillAX already and enjoy the ride. The kids, they’re cool.  And so He sends a little love letter in the shape of a “haht” on the side of the bathtub.
PS: Friends! The Take Control Community Challenge starts TOMORROW!!!! Are you in? Check this out and join us, it is going to be so much fun!

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ANH said...

Ella is so flipping adorable. I love when she talks. It makes me giggle. At the same time, it's amazing to witness such growth and progress. It kinda blows my mind.