On Monday, Mercies and Accountability

It’s Monday but if feels like it should be Thursday already. How about for you? I think we feel that way because we’ve had a really sick little girl for several days now,and it’s so, so sad. And so tiring. So tiring. But mostly just sad.

On the bright side: It really is amazing how you get what you need when you need it. Or to put it more poetically in the words of one of my favourite hymns of all time,
"as thy days may demand so thy succor shall be” .
For instance:
My back is not perfect yet but it could never have handled the hours and hours of pacing I have done with a feverish little (but not so little) bundle in arms, several days ago and considering how “out” it was, it has healed remarkably fast.  It got mostly fixed on the very same day she became ill.  Also, I have had an inexplicable ability to survive moderately functionally on just a couple of hours of sleep over the last few days, and have managed to keep from getting sick myself. (Knock wood) Other stuff has fallen into place to make things that little bit easier.   We were able to get in to see Dr.’s on very short notice, just when we needed to. I’ve been able to get really valuable advice from friends.  Aaron did not have to go out of town.  The other kids have been helpful, healthy and low maintenance. Kind friends have stepped up when we needed them and one even made us a delicious dinner tonight.  (Thank you dear Carolyn!) It’s amazing what a huge psychological boost it gives to be nurtured in that way, isn’t it? Inspires me to be more thoughtful in this regard. It’s a goal.
Speaking of goals:
I did say that I would be checking in monthly regarding my goals on a monthly basis so here goes nothing…Winking smile
1. You will notice that this is going well---------------; Winking smile Maybe too well?
2.  Yes. I have achieved this so far. Enjoying it very much. Would definitely recommend this method for spicing things up.
3. Did not do this, (at least not formally) this month, but did this in lieu of.  I have a solid plan in place for getting it right this month though.
4. This is going very well until this last week when the wheels fell off ever so slightly, but we are doing sooo much better than before and I am satisfied with the progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Especially not with a sick baby in tow. Am I right?
5. I have not done as well as one would hope on this one this month but I have to say that I’ve noticed a huge difference since the initial decluttering and so I am inspired to continue when I am freed from my 24/7 nursing duties.  Remember I got rid of practically all of my clothing? Having practically no clothes means that even when you are your slobby self and leave them strewn all over the place, the piles are very small and manageable and thus the house is much less messy. (D’oh)  Also, when you have no clothes you tend to be more circumspect about doing laundry. I.e: you tend to wash your clothes only when they really need to be washed. All in all, it’s a good thing.
We got new furniture this weekend.  (I’ll show you tomorrow!) It was very exciting. We feel almost like grown ups. You know how new stuff gives you the briefest swell of motivation to make everything around said new stuff look better?  Well sadly that swell was eclipsed by Ella being very sick at the same time as we were acclimating to new furniture but I’m still mildly inspired to finish a few things around the living room I have been planning to “get to” for a couple of years…
6.Yes. Good book. Have you read it?
7.  Yup. I love that goal. I so enjoy writing heartfelt notes to lovely friends. It helps me to remember how blessed I am.
8.We’re on it! The dollars are piling up Smile
9. I’m working on it!  Tell your friends!
10. I think I’ve made a pretty solid effort in this department this month, no? It feels good to be back in a regular routine again. When I look back posts from years (and year) gone by, I am so grateful for every one of them. I would have forgotten so many wonderful things if it weren’t for this blog.  Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and welcome to my new readers and followers. 
HEY!  HEY!  YOU! YOU! (Get out of my dreams……get into my car…sorry where were we?? )
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Anonymous said...

I will have to go back to and print out the goals. The numbers mean nothing to me. But, I am so proud of you that you are keeping them on your radar, and working on them, and it seems that it is mostly positive. Please send me a list by e-mail???