Congratulations President Obama!!....

I am so proud of you America. Thank you! This is hugely, hugely significant, it gives me hope for humanity and I am touched beyond words.

And boy would I love to attend one of those parties in Kenya!

Sniff...gulp..THANK YOU.

I'm reading: Congratulations President Obama!!....Tweet this!


nyn said...

My heart is full also. I am so proud of our country. I don't think I have stopped crying since I heard the news because I am have so much love for my fellow Americans. I hope we can all be gracious and show love and respect for our new president. Good luck President Obama!!

Aaron said...

Yay for the USA!! Love you soooo much Babe! xoxoxoxo

Kirsty said...

Carolyn, you rock my world, I love you!

You too Aaron

Shona said...

Hey all this love for the US is making me nervous. You still want to move to Oz right ??

I have to agree though: THANK YOU AMERICA for your courageous choice. There is no doubt that what you have done will fundamentally alter the way you are perceived by the rest of the world and by generations of Americans to come. America has once again become a nation worthy of respect.

Kirsty said...

Never fear. When do we move in????!!!!

I was telling someone that when we were kids America was this magical place everyone dreamed of at least visiting but I don't feel like the same has been true for S.African kids today. I think this has definitely brought some of the magic back.