First Day Photo Round-up

Yesterday was our first day back to school. And when I say “our” I mean my kids’ first day. All of my kids. Every last one of them is now in school ALL.Day.Long.
I am starting to suspect that God knew that my being so distracted with nausea and fatigue was the kinder option to what I would be going through if I were in my “right mind”.  I have not been without a child at home for 12 years.  Yesterday Benj started 7th grade. Junior High.
Benj 7th
He starts school about an hour before the others so here is his solo shot. Sniff. He looks handsome despite being a bit tense. Here’s the remaining nervous trio..
finny 1st
And they are off…
Finny settling in. He was the only one I dared photograph in his classroom habitat…isn’t he so cute..I can totally see the combination of nervousness, curiosity and excitement in his face….oh how I miss my little boyfriend! I just stroked his cheek on the computer screen. It’s probably a good thing I will have a real baby in a few months or things could start (continue?) getting weird.
finny settles in
For the first time in 7 years, I did not have a sweet little sibling assistant to help bake the traditional first day oatmeal chocolate chip homecoming cookies. Seven years! Has it really been that long since Benj started kindergarten? I remember baking with Gabe and Gracie In California that day…and then later with Finny and Gracie and Gabe….and then later with just Gracie and Finny and then just the Finnster. Until yesterday. And there was no little helper.
But! Once again, God is kind and wise. And so instead of a little helper, I had Aaron my big helper at home. And he made the cookies.  And kept me distracted all day. In fact I decided that if Aaron could stay home every day and take me out to lunch, I would be just fine with having no kids at home. But alas, he cannot, because he is lucky enough to have a job.  And soon enough I will have a kid at home.  So all is as it should be. I suppose.
Benj left an hour earlier and came home an hour later after an intense cross country practise. He had time for a quick cookie or two and a thumbs up on his day before heading to soccer practise. I wish I had about 1/8 of his energy. Maybe even 1/16th of it. DSC_0649
Finny gets right on his homework.
Here he is trying to conceal his pride in reading the book to me.
Here’s Gracie, her mother’s daughter. Gazing lovingly at her fresh new student planner. I am so jealous of it.
And getting down to work.
I saw the idea for the teacher gift the night before school started and couldn’t resist them. My friend Carolyn who is a teacher and an all around sweetheart gives the teachers bouquets from her garden on the first day of every year. I’ve always thought that was a lovely gesture. (Do not underestimate the number of pencils you will need to surround the jar should you take on this project :)
I’m sure they will have a great year and it will be summer again very soon. Right?
**Edited to add for posterity that our theme for this school year as launched at FHE the night before is  Let your light shine. (Matt 5:14-16) We had a good discussion followed by Aaron giving them beautiful father’s blessings. I hope that I will always remember what my children’s faces look like when they are being blessed by their father. They look so angelic and their faces just radiate peace and serenity.  When I imagine joy in it’s purest form I always think about moments like those.

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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I always cry on the first day of school - always. And it always surprises me that I do. I was a teacher, for crying out loud!

Nancy said...

gorgeous pix of gorgeous kids! I love the sidewalk shot of all the kids/neighbors on their way to school too. And the welcome-home cookie tradition!
Suzi, July 98 (Olivia started Jr High last yr 6th grade.. a fwe K-8 schools but no K-6 ike I grew up with & Benj has)

{ L } said...

What a SWEET post! Your kids are all such the long braid. :) Back to School is a fun time of the year. The pencil vase is such a smart idea!

Tooje said...

Can I be a surrogate aunt to your children? That must sound weird, but they just seem so JOYFUL. Seriously. I cyber love them.

I could not cry when TO got on the bus. Owen was already doing that for me, so I stayed strong for him. Poor lil guy loves his brother so much, despite all the head wounds he's created by knocking him with any and all objects around.

I wish I would have thought of a special after school snack. Since I'm not a stay at home, I'm not on my toes like I should be. I need to figure out how to be one, though...I really, really do.

Jen Lynn said...

We all know why Aaron stayed home from work on the first day in 12 years that you had to be home alone on the first day of school. You don't need to cover it up with the cookie story... ;0) I kid! I kid!

I'm glad you got through that day. I'm a little jealous of it, but not too much.

I hope you have a fun time until March.

Janet said...

They look so eager and excited for their first day. Wishing them a wonderful school year.

Laura: said...

This explains Caroline's thoughts at Faith in God the other evening! We took a moment to talk about what each girl would like to learn or do in Faith in God and Caroline's answer was that we should write a play about letting out light shine. Then we should practice a whole bunch and perform it for the Priamry. The girls all loved her idea! Just thought you'd like to know that your FHE lesson stuck with your lovely lady! :)

By Word of Mouth said...

Love your gifts - we are going to copy them (thank you!)
Hubby is a wise man :)

Mom102 said...

Oh, my goodness - so big and handsome and pretty. Nice bouquet too. What a wonderful year they have ahead of them - enjoy!