How do you like them apples?

Last Monday I woke up sad. Inexplicably sad and anxious. Within a few hours I got a phone call which seemed to confirm my sad mood as premonitory. I spent the rest of the day feeling somewhat distraught and overwhelmed.
But the sun was out, as it had not been for a while, and Aaron had discovered that the apple orchards were still open for picking. We had missed our usual apple picking excursion earlier in the season due to the overwhelming schedule of 5 travel soccer teams.   I felt the urgent need to get far away from the house with all my chicken close by and so we appealed to our kindly piano teacher to let the kids skive off their scheduled lessons that evening. Then we piled into the van and headed to the ye olde orchard.
It was amazing how quickly my heavy mood lifted and my shoulders relaxed as we breathed in the crisp Autumn air and enjoyed the sight of the almost artificially perfect red orbs in the crazy gnarled trees set against the brilliant blue sky as the sun sank lower in the sky.  My kids ran and climbed and juggled and goofed around.  And we all ate lots of delicious apples right off the tree.
It was the rare perfectly  perfect family evening, where everyone gets along perfectly and nobody whines. Miraculously, everyone, yay verily, every last one was cheerful and enjoyed themselves, technology free in the great outdoors and I was so grateful that we seized the day or at least the evening.

Here’s Finny enjoying some fresh apple cider slushies and honey sticks. Yum, yummy yum.
Gracie can find a canvas anywhere
apple artist

DIMPLES in flight!
Climbing crew
Did you know that Finny’s actual name is Jonathan? Well if you did not know, you do now Smile
I am in love with this picture of my big girl.
Apple inspection
Balancing acts

The apples don’t fall far from the family tree. (Aaron and I are in there as shadows)
desperate housekids
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